How to Start Blogging with WordPress

How to Start Blogging with WordPress

Creating a blog can be daunting, especially if you aren’t tech-savvy. But no need to worry though, blogging with WordPress simplifies everything, so you don’t have to be techy.

WordPress offers many excellent ready templates, plugins, and widgets that allow blogging greenhorns to implement technical features without writing a single line of code. With WordPress, you can build a blog in less than a week. Plus, there are themes with demo contents that you can import to shorten the whole process of building your blog.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while creating a blog is settling for the wrong content management system. It makes more sense to start blogging with WordPress because it’s available for free, easy to use, and more straightforward. With WordPress, you can download and install plugins, customize your blog design, and of more significance, make money with no restrictions.

So, if you know about blog and blogging, then you don’t have to be a tech expert? WordPress already has implemented all the complicated stuff, so you don’t have to. Get ready and start with this comprehensive guide on how to start blogging with WordPress.

Find a web host

At this point, you might be asking yourself why WordPress is free and what could be the catch? WordPress is free because you have to do the hosting by yourself. In other words, you have to register a domain name and find a web host for your website.

A domain name is what users type to gain access to your website. It acts as an address for your website on the internet. Web hosting, on the other hand, stores your website files. It acts as your store for your website on the internet. Web hosting is a prerequisite requirement for any website. Roughly, a domain name costs as low as $15.99 a month, while web hosting costs $12.99 a month.

Find a web host

For those getting started with blogging with WordPress, that can be quite a lot of money. TurboCloud Hosting, WordPress recommended hosting provider, offers lucrative deals on website domain name and hosting. TurboCloud is among web hosting pioneers on the web. They’re among the dominant brand names when it comes to hosting services with WordPress.

Choose a domain name

Blogging is expressing your ideas and mind to the world. As such, your domain name should reflect what your niche is all about.  Choose a domain name that best expresses what you do. While at it, don’t forget to make it easy for your readers to remember. Usually, website visitors are more likely to return to a website if they can recall the domain name in a flash of a second.

For instance, if blogging with WordPress about flower gardening, choose something in that line that goes like It’s simple and easy to remember. Plus, it expresses what the blog is all about. If you need help to find a niche for blogging, you can check some of our ideas to create a blog.

When registering a domain name, it’s highly recommended to use the same host to register the domain. However, if you already have a domain name registered with another host, you may request a domain name transfer to have all your website details located at one point. That way, it’ll be easier to send support requests to the host whenever you experience challenges with the website.

Also, using the same host for your domain name and web hosting makes it easier to land a discount or get a deal via a coupon.

Once you follow these steps, you will receive an email explaining how to log in to the web hosting control panel. Here, you will manage many things starting with emails and support, among many other things. More importantly, this is where you install your WordPress.

Install WordPress

Install WordPress

Once you’ve logged into your web host via the domain link provided by your host, you’ll be able to install WordPress. There are two approaches to installing WordPress on your new website. You can choose to download WordPress CMS files from their website and then upload them to your website via the CPANEL. This approach is, however, tedious and has too many steps to follow.

The second approach is using your host’s managed WordPress. Luckily, Turbo Cloud Hosting has this feature. It’s simply clicking to install the latest version. The installation process using the TurboCloud platform is easier and faster.

Choose your WordPress Theme

You can log in to WordPress by directly visiting your website’s link and append a /wp-admin to the link using your most favorite browser. Once WordPress is completely set up, you will be ready to customize the appearance of your site and start blogging with WordPress.

Your website is only appealing to the eye if you’ve used a suitable theme. Themes control the visual appearance of your WordPress site. After installing WordPress, usually, it comes with a default theme that isn’t appealing, neither doesn’t represent what your blog is about.

Installing a theme

Customizing the appearance of your website is one of the fascinating experiences in blogging with WordPress. The CMS contains a lot of pre-built themes that you can install on your site. The exciting bit of it is that you don’t have to pay a cent for them as some are freely available. But you can choose the premium themes which are charged but come with 24/7 support. To change the theme, go to your WordPress dashboard and click on “Appearance,” then “Themes.”

After selecting your theme, go ahead and click Add New Button. You can add themes by sorting from popular, latest, as well as featured. One of the best tips in selecting WordPress themes is striving for simplicity in design. This tip enables you to keep things clear and clean while offering your users some good experiences.

Installing a theme

When you find the theme you like, you can hover your mouse on it. It will display the install button. Click on it as you wait for your theme to install. After that, the install button will be replaced by Activate button. For you to activate the theme, click on it.

Customize the theme

Once installed, you can customize it by clicking on the customize button displayed under the “Appearance menu. After selecting your WordPress theme, you are now ready to start blogging with WordPress by creating your first blog.

Create your First Blog

Writing a blog post requires you to click the “Posts” menu, then “Add Newin your WordPress dashboard. In your dashboard, you will see an editor area to write your first blog post. WordPress uses block-based editor design. This makes each element appear as a block to create attractive beautiful content for your blogs.

Once done with writing your post, go ahead and click the Publish button on the top-right corner of your WordPress site to make your post publicly accessible.

The “Post” screen section contains several other categories, such as tags. These features are used for organizing your blog posts into sections.

Plugins and Customizations

After writing your first blog post sample, you’d want to add other essential elements such as contact forms, galleries, newsletter signups, and sliders. To add all these additional features, you need plugins. Plugins are applications that allow you to add new features to your website.

WordPress has thousands of useful plugins that you can easily install to create new features on your site. Anything you can think of, there’s a plugin for it already.

Make Money from your Blog

Considering that you have now created your first blog and customized it, you are probably wondering how to start making money while blogging with WordPress. There are varying ways on how you can successfully monetize your blog. However, you have to note that there is no such scheme as getting rich quickly. Pictures of expensive mansions and cars should not fool you because most of them are fake schemes.

Make Money from your Blog

The trick to making money while blogging with WordPress is putting in the hard work and more effort. This will make you reap great rewards. Keep in mind that there are no shortcuts. If you want to join the wagon and learn how to make money while blogging with WordPress, here are some of the best ways.

Google AdSense

Most bloggers make money while blogging with WordPress by simply displaying ads on their blogs. If you create a blog having monetization in mind, then consider Google AdSense as one of the best ways to do this.

Affiliate Marketing

The second most commonly used monetization method while blogging with WordPress is affiliate marketing. In this case, you recommend favorite products and services to your readers, and when a purchase is made, you get your referral commission.

Online Store

Some bloggers make money by directly selling products online, ranging from physical products, digital products such as ebooks, music artwork, music, among a host of other products. Some even choose to offer consulting services.

You can start blogging using a suite of tools in WordPress. These tools contain features for building blogs of all kinds. Blogging with WordPress makes it easy for anyone to share a piece of their mind with the world. If you’re up to earning money out of your blog, you can consider implementing the features explained above. But if your blog is all about sharing content and connecting with your audience, WordPress still makes it possible.

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