Top 3 factors that Dictate your Web Hosting Cost

Top 3 factors that Dictate your Web Hosting Cost

When it comes to determining the web hosting cost, there is a lot more to understand than it meets the eye. When developing your website, hosting it could cost you a lot of money if you don’t do your due diligence.

The process of web hosting can get pretty much complicated if the hosting provider doesn’t understand your hosting needs. As a customer, you need to check what essential features you can’t afford to miss in your plan and those you can forego to cut on web hosting price.

What factors influence your web hosting cost?

As much as you want to slash down your web hosting expense, you cant sacrifice key features such as uptime and speed. Check out the following issues that dictate what you’ll have to pay for your web hosting.

Web Hosting Plan Subscription

Knowing the type of website hosting you need or run makes it straightforward for you to understand the cost it attracts. Also, you’ll be able to figure out the level of services you require. For example, a simple WordPress blog can start with a low-priced shared hosting plan. However, once that blog attains a higher level of traffic, it would need a robust type of hosting with unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Unlimited storage and bandwidth attract extra costs making the price of your web hosting go up. It would help if you kept in mind that as the web hosting plan increases in features, the cost also goes up. There are different types of web hosting plans. Each plan will have a different price, which will also vary depending on the provider.

Generally, you’ll find the following web hosting plans across most hosting providers.

Free Web Hosting

Many beginners consider opting for free web hosting. However, there is always a price to pay in one way or the other. Nothing is for free when it comes to the business world.

your hosting cost depends on free web hosting service

The question to consider is why do many hosting providers offer free web hosting? Now, the answer will shock you. Free web hosting isn’t necessarily trustworthy all the time. For the most part, hosting providers offer free web hosting with the expectation of making money from the ads displayed on your website. Some providers earn from forums they force you to visit or post to compensate for your free hosting.

Free web hosting is something you want to avoid because there is always a price to pay. Surprisingly, you might even come across a startup hosting company offering free web hosting even before they transition to the market. Some will even go after paying clients. For this reason, attributes such as ads displaying for free, posting for free on specific forums, limited storage, limited bandwidth, and low speed are features that determine the free web-hosting cost.

Shared Hosting

Most people begin their hosting journey with the shared web hosting plan. Of the many hosting providers, TurboCloud offers one of the best hosting plans through their WordPress Basic at $7.99, WordPress Deluxe at $11.99, WordPress Ultimate at $24.99, and WordPress Ecommerce at $69.99. The four hosting plans based on your needs come with different features that depend on the cost you pay. For example, with WordPress E-commerce, we offer unlimited storage, unlimited visits per month, an SSL certificate, one free website, SEO optimizer, among a host of other features.’s shared hosting costs are at a pricer end because of our incredible features in play. We outsmart other hosting companies on the market because of our focus on value. The most basic reason why we offer outstanding features for our shared hosting is for you to get lots of value from our services. If you are a person who believes in quality and value, then is for you.

VPS Hosting

your hosting price also depend on vps

VPS hosting is another attribute that determines the web hosting cost. When traffic starts to increase on your website, VPS serves as the next step-up plan. offers the best VPS plan at the price of $24.99 per month. The cost is exclusively discounted for our customers to enjoy. On average, traffic is the central determinant that influences the cost of VPS hosting. You must improve on storage, bandwidth, speed, and the number of visits per month to cater to the increased needs of your website.’s VPS plan gives you powerful security and higher bandwidth.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting comes into play when you decide to pay for your server. When traffic starts getting pretty severe and your needs outgrow the lower-tiered hosting plans, we recommend that you get your server. In many regards, dedicated hosting is one of the most variable priced kinds. The dedicated hosting plan gives you reliability and control.

Analyze the different plans on offer from various providers to determine one the best serves the purpose you need.

Website Traffic

It’s easy to be lured by the free or inexpensive web hosting to save the costs of setting up your website. However, your website will eventually start growing. When growth sets in, the standard features of free or cheap hosting will begin to create challenges such as frequent downtimes or slow loading speeds.

Usually, When your site reaches a certain traffic level, it’ll start slowing down, especially when it runs on a shared server. The practice of slowing down a website by a provider when running on a shared server is referred to as bandwidth throttling. Providers do this to limit the data coming in and out of your website. Bandwidth throttling helps in preventing too much traffic in a restrained server.

Website Traffic

Bandwidth throttling affects your website in more than one way. At first glance, website visitors may have trouble accessing your web content. Possibly, they may even see error messages when attempting to access your website. In cases where error messages don’t appear, increased downtime on your website makes users bounce away. A significant problem to note is that as loading time increases, website abandonment rises as well.

Slow-loading websites are incredibly costly. Approximately half of your audience might choose to abandon your website if it takes more time to load. A slow website hurts your business in many ways. So make sure that you read to understand the average cost for web hosting to avoid experiencing slow website speed.

A web hosting plan upgrade can reduce challenges associated with downtime. If you upgrade from free or basic web hosting plans to something like VPS due to increased traffic on your website, the cost for web hosting goes up. Upgrading your website helps in reducing the backlog.


Reliable websites need to be more secure. Website security needs to be always a top priority for your business.  It is one thing that does not only affect your data but also affects customer’s trust in your brand.

Think about a situation when you are processing payment. In such a case, the information is so sensitive, and it requires security.

Some of the basic security measures you should find in any web host provider include spam filtering, user permissions, password encryption, scans for malware and viruses, network protocols, and firewall configuration. Unfortunately, these security features also come at an extra cost. But if your website’s trust levels are to rise, making them part of your hosting subscription plan will be worthwhile.

However, another determinant of whether to include a security package in your plan is the type of website you implement. If running a simple blog, an SSL certificate should be enough. But if running a payment processing website, you’ll need the SSL plus several other security features.

Now you understand key factors that determine the web hosting cost. Based on the hosting plan you require.

Inexpensive web hosting plans at a glance

Inexpensive web hosting plans at a glance

Choosing a web host provider can be a daunting process, especially for rookies looking to set up their enterprises online. Apart from many offers available online, it’s easy to get confused by the very many packages on offer.

For a simple website for a business startup, TurboCloud has different affordable shared hosting plans geared towards helping startups reduce their operation costs. The prices range from $8.99 to $69.99 per month. As the prices go higher, more features unlock. The point is to find a plan that meets your budget and serves you with the features you require.

If planning to run a WordPress-powered website, the cheapest WordPress Basic plan on TurboCloud goes for $8.99 per month. This plan allows you a single website use but offers impressive features needed to kickstart your online business. You’ll get up to 30GB of storage, and the speed will be ideal for 25,000 visitors per month.

If looking for a hosting plan that offers more features at an extra cost,  TurboCloud’s higher-tiered hosting plans will do the work as required. The $69.99 a month WordPress Ecommerce offers unlimited visits per month and gives you unlimited storage as well.  This hosting package also provides extra features such as the SEO optimizer and automatic daily malware scans.

So no matter what your hosting needs are, Turbo Cloud provides some of the unbeatable prices in the industry for web hosting services. It offers you all kinds of web hosting depending upon your needs, including both cPanel and Plesk hosting for Linux and Windows, respectively. You can check out the offerings and pricing on our home page.