GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart Packages for Web Store

Planning on launching an online store? Let Turbo Cloud Hosting bring your vision to life.

Need a quick shopping cart for your business? Don’t worry, Turbo Cloud Hosting got you covered. With our affordable monthly plans for small businesses and large-scale enterprises, you can have a fully functional web store in minutes. Simply choose your preferred GoDaddy shopping cart such as Shopify, Magneto, WooCommerce, and many more.

Quick Shopping Cart Economy

Everything you need to open your own online store.

Only available in English.

  • 20-Product catalog
  • 1 Image per product
  • 1 GB disk space
  • 150 GB bandwidth
  • FREE hosting
$9.99 / per month
Quick Shopping Cart Deluxe

Everything you need to open your own online store.

Only available in English.

  • 100-Product catalog
  • 5 Images per product
  • 10 GB disk space
  • 500 GB bandwidth
  • FREE hosting
$29.99 / per month
Quick Shopping Cart Premium

Everything you need to open your own online store.

Only available in English.

  • Unlimited Product catalog
  • 10 Images per product
  • 50 GB disk space
  • 1,000 GB bandwidth
  • FREE hosting
$49.99 / per month

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Why Choose One of The GoDaddy Shopping Cart Packages?

Turbo Cloud Hosting offers you a toolkit named Quick Shopping Cart that lets you start an eCommerce website in minutes. Whether you’re selling products or services, we offer a wide collection of features that can help you promote and manage your online store.

Why Choose One of The GoDaddy Shopping Cart Packages?
Customizable Design

Customizable Design

Grab your customers’ attention with stunning designs. All of our designs are mobile-responsive so that your products look great wherever they’re viewed.

  • Dozens of designs and themes
  • Multiple categories and product description templates
  • Custom logo and branding
  • Royalty-free photos
  • Convenient “click to edit” feature

Catalog Management

Our setup wizard will guide you through creating your catalog. Write product descriptions, specify SKUs, change prices, add more options, and track your inventory all from one easy-to-use dashboard. Our premium plans include royalty-free images that you can use however you’d like. With Turbo Cloud Hosting’s Shopping Cart plans, you have complete control over your catalog.

Payment Options

Take your online store to the next level by accepting multiple payment options such as credit cards, Cash on Delivery, PayPal, and more. The best part? Merchants won’t have to pay credit card processing fees. We also install free and paid SSL certificates to ensure that all transactions on your website are trustworthy, keeping your clients secure every time they ‘Add to Cart’. You’ll also receive real-time shipping rate quotes from major couriers such as FedEx and USPS.

Coupons, Discounts, and Up-Sells

Want to highlight a product? Turbo Cloud Hosting lets you put the spotlight on featured products on your sidebar or any other location on the webpage. Easily up-sell and cross-sell products to existing customers by recommending related products through pop-ups, check-out suggestions, and more. We’ll also help you create coupons — whether it’s a 10% discount, free shipping, or a $10 off code, etc., we’ve got you covered. We can also create time-bound offers to entice customers to buy now.

Online Store Marketing

Our search engine optimization (SEO) specialists will help boost your online store’s ranking on search engines. Watch your traffic skyrocket as your website’s visibility grows. By adding product reviews from real customers and writing keyword-rich blog posts, we can help you boost your sales in no time. Plus, our team will closely track the performance of all marketing campaigns so that we can make adjustments as needed.

Order Tracking

Order Tracking

Gain access to all of your orders and inventory from a single easy-to-use management system. Filter orders by date, type, etc., and export information to Microsoft Excel with one click. Every transaction is tracked, including credit card payments, shipping information, package labels, and more. You can even receive real-time notifications for each order placed.

24/7 Security and Backup

Online stores handle massive amounts of data because of the regular influx of transactions. We offer daily backups to safeguard your data, which can be restored without additional costs. Turbo Cloud Hosting’s Shopping Cart plans include SSL certification which protects extremely sensitive data like credit card information. Rest assured that your customers can shop safely — hackers and other third parties won’t be able to get their hands on valuable information.

App & Software Integration

Integrate other apps and programs to your eCommerce store. Our team will set up your Google for Retail account to make your products discoverable by shoppers using the search engine. We also use Atandra T-HUB to connect your online store to QuickBooks, allowing you to process orders more efficiently and reduce shipping fees by up to 50%.

App & Software Integration
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