Blogging on Shopify: How to Do & Examples

Blogging on Shopify: How to Do & Examples

Shopify offers excellent opportunities for online selling. The marketplace is unique and attractive. As with any great business owner, communications and visibility are key assets as you look to stand out from the crowd. One of the most important features associated with Shopify is its built-in blogging engine, which gives excellent accessibility for creating unique content to help you stand out from the rest. In this article, we will know everything about blogging on Shopify.

Standing out brings myriad benefits that further your business and help you make more sales. It brings a level of humanity. It adds a personal touch to your operation. It creates a relatable essence to your shop that translates into increased intrigue and ultimately sales. Much the same, blogging on Shopify is rewarding in its own right, and can help drive you to bigger and better things.

In the modern age, it is all about generating ‘traffic’. No, that’s not the kind of traffic that leaves you blasting the horn in frustration. It is about increased eyeballs on the screen you want them to see. It is more people viewing your products and learning about what you have to offer. The upshot, of course, is increased sales. Increased opportunities on a variety of platforms. Maximizing blogging content is a great way to move forward.

Add to this the opportunity to build community, and there are so many benefits to introducing your own blog on Shopify. Conversing with like-minded individuals, developing bonds, and initiating a positive platform are particularly important in these unprecedented times, and that is something a blog can do, generating discussion points and offering a stage in which individuals can stimulate further conversation to keep interest high in what you have to offer.

Why should I blog on Shopify?

Your online store will thank you for blogging on Shopify, and results suggest there are some key benefits to be gained from the blogging experience. One important benefit is SEO, which stand for search engine optimization. As the name suggests, this is the part of the business that gains visibility via its ability to appear in search engine results.

Why should I blog on Shopify?

We’ve all been there; we use them frequently throughout the day; they help us answer questions and learn how to do things. Yet the power of the search engine still seems to be underrated and underappreciated. It’s as if this vital tool in our lives has somehow become forgotten, such is the frequency with which we use it. It is so interconnected in our daily lives.

Your store’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows it to be found on search engines, and one great way to be found is to do blog posts. Not only do they increase the actual content your store puts out, but they include many key words and phrases that are often searched for in relation to what you are selling.

It also allows you to answer a lot of questions people might have, before they have to go out of there way to ask. This kind of convenience is very important in online sales, such is the variety of choice on offer, that people often do not want to have to wait for a reply before they buy something. Having a ready-made answer for them encourages them to gain trust in you, and is also likely to appear in a search engine when asking the same questions.

Blogging on Shopify: A Great Way to Engage with your Audience

All these data and statistics are great, and they do indeed drive sales, but there is something more than that, and it is the ability of the blog post to actually communicate engagement with an audience. People would much rather deal with someone they believe is receptive and interested in their needs than a corporation or company that is distant and portrays interest in profits above all else.

Blog posts therefore are a way to engage on a human level. To speak with your own lingo, share the things you are passionate about, talk about the reasons you are on Shopify and what you hope to achieve. When people believe they are dealing with an actual person and not just a computer screen, they have a much greater connection to the transaction they are taking part In, and as such are more likely to make a purchase. Blog posts enhance engagement, which drive sales enormously.

Tell your Story

Engagement and SEO are therefore huge contributing factors to what drives people toward bying certain products, and equally what distances them from a business. If they do not feel valued, or if they are not able to easily access the company, there can be a fast dissuasion. First impressions matter, getting that foot in the door as you move forward onto bigger and better things.

As people we engage the most with stories, real human stories, told by real people. It is great having the best advertising slogans or the most compelling marketing budget. But at the end of the day, we love the power of a story. It is at the heart of what drives us and what we connect to. It is a way of life for so many people.

In this sense, a blog post becomes your opportunity to tell a story in the way you want to tell it. This is rewarding in itself, receiving feedback from a community with interest in what you are doing. It is also an attractive proposition for potential customers, who come to believe they are part of something bigger, a real human story they can participate in. Blogging on Shopify is an excellent way to tell your story. This storytelling will help you to create a brand image for your business.

Your Niche, your Way

There are a number of important ways you can tell your story through a blog that help you stand out and express yourself. While you are building a community from potentially around the world, it is still important to be specific, keep it focused on what you are doing and how you are doing it. It is the niche aspect of a blog that is often it’s most attractive feature, the belief that reading it will let the audience in on a little secret, the feeling of belonging to something unique. Finding the balance between this niche and content that is readily available through a search engine can be a challenge, but is richly rewarding.

Your Niche, your Way

So, a bit of self-reflection is important to gain awareness in what it is you are doing and what makes you different. What makes you unique. This often derives from a burning passion, the reason you are on Shopify, the reason you put the work in. This is your ‘thing’ that no-one can take away from you, that means you can attract customers and make sales.

The internet is a vast, endless loop of content in which it is ease to get sucked in and lost forever. While taking inspiration is useful, being different- finding your niche- is critical to long term success and growth. What do you have that can’t be found elsewhere on the internet? It might seem like a daunting prospect, but with the right SEO coupled with a commitment and passion for your niche, there is every chance of success.

So hone in on your passions, and dig ever deeper to keep your audience coming back for more. Long term growth means offering the tantalizing prospect of something new, something engaging, the next part of the story that the audience can’t wait to hear. While it’s easy to talk about creating a niche without actually putting it into practice, there are some important things you can do.

For one, you can find an already engaging subject and choose to focus on a specific aspect that might not have much coverage. If you’re selling sporting goods, why not focus on some of the lesser-known sporting stories from around the world, leagues and competitions that might not have much coverage, coming back to the theme of why people give so much to sports in the first place? It is easy to talk about the latest news in the NBA and the NFL, everyone is talking about it, but what about Aussie Rules Football, Gaelic Football, or a plethora other pursuit across the globe that bring the same levels of passion and intrigue.

It is a chance to make your mark

It is a chance to make your mark, and doing some extra research can definitely communicate a commitment to care toward your audience. Research, research, research. It cannot be stressed enough. When people are able to engage with content they haven’t seen before (something that takes research) they gain new insights and learn to associate your blog with new discoveries. Once that association has been made, it is easy for them to keep coming back, because they know they will be getting something they aren’t ging to find anywhere else.

There are a number of other important elements to blogging on Shopify and utilizing this niche. Whether it’s engaging with a physical community (e.g., the city you live in) or with a specific writing style (humor always helps), the niche is the thing that can bring success when blogging on Shopify.

Generally when creating a website or a store, you may need to purchase a domain name and choose a hosting company. Shopify has its own hosting services so you don’t have to worry about purchasing hosting separately. You can purchase everything you need to start blogging including the domain name, hosting, SSL and all other necessary things from our platform. Please leave us a message so we can get back to you in no time.