Understanding SMTP Server

How to setup SMTP in GoDaddy

What do you know about GoDaddy SMTP settings? How often do you integrate emails in your communication process? Nowadays, emails have become an integral aspect of any business. A recent study shows that more than 305 billion emails are sent and received daily. Undoubtedly, email communication is a standard method for individuals and businesses. While there are other channels of communication, email offers businesses many opportunities.

If you haven’t heard about SMTP, then it means you don’t know what happens when you click sent on an email. What process does your message follow before reaching the recipients? It’s quite a complex process that requires you to understand SMTP fundamentals. Before you consider the GoDaddy SMTP settings, it’s essential to know more about SMTP as it is critical to send emails.

What is SMTP?

When someone sends an email, you would think it goes from your device to the recipient. If you have always thought that way, then you are wrong. Once an email gets sent, it travels from different computers before reaching its destination. The first port is the SMTP server that the email will have to pass through. Therefore to communicate using the SMTP server, it must utilize the SMTP protocol.

So far, we’ve been talking about SMTP, but what does it stand for? It’s an acronym for “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol” that acts as the standard technology for sending emails. Despite the introduction of newer technologies, SMTP remains the standard text-based protocol to send emails.

Understanding SMTP Server

Literally, a server provides a service for other applications to function properly in a network. The role of an SMTP server is to handle the process of sending, receiving, and transferring emails. While this might look abstract, a perfect example would be a real-life post office.

Assuming you want to send a letter from Florida to Washington DC, you must get to the post office in Florida. In Florida, the letter will be processed before being sent to the post office in Washington DC, where it will be sent to the final destination. You can read about starting a web hosting business if you think you have what it takes.

Likewise, the SMTP servers act in such capacity as they complete the process within a few minutes than it would have taken days for the mail to arrive. When configuring your GoDaddy SMTP settings, you might have seen a place where an “SMTP port’ is required. The port represents the communication endpoints that handle email data transfer through SMTP, moving through networks and servers.

How Does SMTP work?

Before looking at the GoDaddy SMTP settings, you should have fundamental knowledge about how SMTP works. The best approach to explaining it is to go through the sending process, the commands, individual rules, and possible errors to encounter. Remember, you might need technical support if you don’t know about setting up SMTPs. Nevertheless, we will break the process down in the best way.

Once you set up an SMTP server, an email client can connect and communicate with the server. Immediately the user clicks the send button on an email message, the email client unlocks the SMTP connection to the server. Furthermore, the SMTP client utilizes different commands informing the server on the next action to take and transfer data, such as the recipient’s email address, sender’s email address, and content of the email.

In addition, the Message Transfer Agent (MTA) or Mail Transfer Agent checks if both addresses come from the same email domain. Once the email domain is the same, it sends the email immediately. However, if they are different, the server uses the Domain Name System to pinpoint the recipient’s domain before sending it to the correct server.

How to setup GoDaddy SMTP Settings?

To set up GoDaddy SMTP settings, you must connect to the website. Remember, you need to have the host, username, password, and port, which is available in your email sent by your host provider. Remember, there are key factors that determine the cost of a web host. However, here is a simple process of setting up SMTP.

  • Access the SMTP settings – To do this, you have to go to “Configure your Site” and click on “General Settings” before handing it to the “Emails” tab.
  • Enable the “Use custom SMTP server.”
  • Configure your host
  • Input the Port
  • Enter the username and password
  • Optional – Select require TLS/SSL
  • Click on send test email to ascertain that everything is well configured.

Here are the default GoDaddy SMTP settings for a website hosted on the GoDaddy server.

Account Type: SMTP
Username: Your full email address
Server hostname: smtpout.secureserver.net
Server port: 80
Authentication: Password

How to setup GoDaddy SMTP Settings?

Image source: Smtpimap Email

Enabling SMTP Authentication in GoDaddy

The essence of SMTP authentication is to help report servers, send emails to apps, and malfunction devices such as scanners and printers. It is advisable only to enable SMTP authentication for accounts that requires it. However, you can leave it with default Exchange settings that offer better security.

Once you enable security defaults, it will automatically disable organization settings as the SMTP authentication gets turned on. In addition, you can use multi-factor authentication or disable it for the user. To achieve that on your website, you need to sign in using your GoDaddy details.

  • Log in to the Email and Office Dashboard
  • Select Manage beside the user
  • Look at the “Account Information” and select “Advanced Settings.”

Enabling SMTP Authentication in GoDaddy

Image Source: GoDaddy UK

  • Enable the SMTP authentication

Enable the SMTP authentication

Image Source: GoDaddy UK

How to Configure GoDaddy SMTP Settings WordPress?

If you use WordPress to build your website and host it on the GoDaddy server, you need to configure it to send emails through WordPress.

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Click on Plugins and “Add Plugins”
  • Under the Search Plugin, type “SMTP Mailer.”
  • Install the “SMTP Mailer” and click on “Activate
  • Go to Settings and click on SMTP Mailer.
  • Fill in the relevant details as shown below.

How to Configure GoDaddy SMTP Settings WordPress

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Note: You can get the relevant information to fill from your host provider – GoDaddy. With the GoDaddy SMTP settings, you can completely configure your email.


The article expounds on how to set up SMTP in GoDaddy. Email communication is an invaluable tool for both small and big businesses. Nowadays, Outlook and Gmail are the most preferred platforms. They offer one-on-one communication, and when you need to send bulk automated emails, you need an SMTP server to get the job done. If you use GoDaddy as your host, you need the correct GoDaddy SMTP settings to configure your account to run emails smoothly.