How to Pick the Perfect Fashion Blogging Name

How to Pick the Perfect Fashion Blogging Name

Starting a fashion blog is one of the best things you can do if you want to monetize your passion, which in this case, is fashion.

It might sound easy, but it surely entails a lot of preparation, skill, strategy, and correct timing if you want to pull it off successfully.

One of the first things you should do if you want to start a fashion blog is to think about the name you’d like to give it.

The ideal fashion blogging name is important to boost your brand and bring in more clients that will regularly visit your profile, and in the process lead to higher conversion rates and more revenue for your online business.

In this article, we are going to show you how to choose the perfect fashion blogging names so you can make the most out of your blog.

Keep it short and precise

The first thing you need to do is to keep the name short, but precise. You don’t need to think of a name that’s very long or is composed of more than three or four words.

You can even just use two words or at least one word. Note that fashion blog names usually are very short and are on point. They also have sweet wordings that create a charming vibe.

Short names also mean that they are easy to remember, which is just what you need to gather more visitors who are most likely going to become your regular readers. Go for two to three words at most. Anything longer than that is hard to remember.

Simplicity is key

Another important thing you must always remember is that you should keep the fashion blogging name as simple as possible.

It might sound like it lacks art or creativity. But it doesn’t work that way all the time. Simple names are more effective, especially in the realm of fashion and chique clothing.

Simplicity is key

Fashion blogs always use very simple words that can easily get stuck in the minds of people. Use standard vocabulary words and terms that can be understood even by a fifth-grader.

Don’t be too afraid to make mistakes in naming a fashion blog because your target audience isn’t that too peculiar on hyper-specific or smart-sounding names.

Easy to understand

Make your blog’s name easy to understand. This is one of the best reasons why fashion blogs become top-notch sites in the world of fashion.

Make sure that the site visitor can read the name at a single glance and won’t have a hard time understanding what it means. The last thing you want is to have a site visitor that leaves the site just because they find the blog’s name too complicated or too weird.

Unless of course, it’s a scientific or tech website. In this case, it’s a fashion blog, so no need to sound very smart or technical. The blog name should also be clear about what the site is all about.

If you’re into the latest fashion designs for women’s clothes, then give it a feminine sound. Or if you’re more about masculinity or classic vibes, then make it sound like something that caters to men who want to look good, fresh, and cool.

It’s all about branding

The last thing you want to remember is that your fashion blogging name should be the face of your website. In other words, it will act as a branding tool that will make or break your identity.

This is why you must create a name that resonates with how you want other people to perceive your site. Think of a catchy name that reflects your site’s personality or the offerings that go with it. It should connect to the people and make it stand out in the saturated fashion market.

It's all about branding

Think about how Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Dolce and Gabbana, and the other luxury fashion brands out there. Their names, albeit simple, connect to their branding, which in turn, adds more value to their blog or products in general.

Step-by-step Guide on Choosing the Best Fashion Blog Name

Step #1: Brainstorm related words

The first thing to do to choose the best fashion blogging name is to do a thorough brainstorm with yourself.

You can then seek the advice and suggestions of your friends by hosting a group brainstorming session. The words that should be brainstormed must be related to the topic of your blog, in this case, fashion.

Know the kind of fashion you are going to mostly talk about in your blog. Is this about teenage wear? Chique professional dresses? The trendy hairstyles? Or some gentleman’s guide to looking cool and masculine or perhaps to look like the boy next door?

Answering these questions will help you come up with the right fashion blog name for your site.

The possibilities are surely endless because there are a lot of ideas that can pop up once you’ve done a proper brainstorming session. Also, think about the topics you’ll be covering on your site so you can have a set of better name ideas.

Make sure to give your blog a direction and let it stand out, knowing that the fashion industry is already very saturated. Create a relevant name that speaks out your branding as well as your site’s vision and mission.

Step #2: Create a word bank

Once you are done brainstorming a list of nice words and phrases to use for your blog, then it is time to move on and connect these words.

Take the words you have thought of and connect them directly to the words you are going to see in a thesaurus or dictionary.

Create a word bank

Look for synonyms, antonyms, or other related words so that it’ll give the name more spice. You’ll also have a lot of interesting words that you can input onto your blog name.

An example would be typing in the word style on your thesaurus. You’ll then see many other words that have similar meanings it such as grandeur, elegance, and class. These words will then give you an idea and hint on the right name you can use for your fashion blog.

Step #3: Mix and match

Now that you’re already filled with multiple words by your side, you can then start connecting and combining them. Not only is this fun, but this will also test your creativity. So don’t hesitate to create new words and jumble them out if you’d want.

Mix and match the words so you’ll see what sounds great when combining them. Don’t limit yourself. Instead, just let your creativity flow. You’ll be surprised what your mind can create as long as you don’t hinder it.

Step #4: Short but memorable

The next thing to do is to trim them out and make them as short as possible without compromising their value and meaning.

We recommend that the number of words on your blog name is around two to three, or at most, four. This will provide enough information to your visitors on what kind of blog you have.

Shorten it out and make it as concise as possible. It should reflect your branding and the content of your fashion blog. If you’re into clothes, then give it a sense of clothing wear vibe. Or if you’re more into travel wear, then give it a more free-spirited vibe.

Step #5: Express Your personality

The last thing you want to do is to give it a splice of your personality. In other words, you should inject your attitude, lifestyle, and own personality into the fashion blogging name.

Express Your personality

You can play with the words, or perhaps add some humor to it. You can even add your name or nickname to it if you’d like.

There are already a lot of site owners and fashion bloggers out there that add their names on their blog names. This expresses themself and shows individuality, thereby making the site more personal and unique.

Just make sure, though, that you’re not planning to sell your blog any time soon because you’ll have a hard time selling a blog that has your name on it! Nonetheless, you can still make it if you’re lucky.

More Tips to Choosing a Fashion Blog Name

Add a sense of humor

Add a sense of humor to your fashion blogging name to create a more lighthearted approach to your target audience. People who are into fashion want something light, colorful, and funny, and not too serious.

Play with some good pun

Adding some pun into your fashion blogging name makes it easier for visitors to remember your site. Just make sure you use popular phrases and add words that are common in the fashion niche.

Make your own words

And yes, you can make your own words! Just take for example Google, Kodak, Sony, and many more. Do you think they’re real words? Nope, their creators just came up with them, jumbled a few letters, and created a good branding out of them.


Choosing the perfect fashion blogging names is important because this can boost conversion rates and attract more people to your site. Be creative, do intensive research, and compare to other blogs. When you do, then you’ll have a top-notch fashion blog soon.