16 Top Mom Blogs That Keep It Real About Motherhood

16 Top Mom Blogs That Keep It Real About Motherhood

Parenting is a challenging role for everyone who is on it, that is why many parents follow top mom blogs to help them get insightful perspective and practical tips in handling difficult situations and turn stressful events into meaningful and fun moments. Mom blogs contain beneficial information and relatable experiences that other parents need. Mom blogs are successful with the right strategy such as getting a perfect domain name and optimizing the email list,

Whether you are an expecting or new parent, stay at home or working mother, there are thousands of available blog that suits you.

Here are the top mom blogs that you should take a look at if you are looking for contents that keep it real about motherhood:

1. Cat & Nat

The perfect family does not have to be “perfect.” It takes understanding, acceptance, and unconditional love to be a parent. Cat & Nat show through their blog that their modern family is full of joy and love through their humorous and realistic content. These two women are fun to watch since they talk spot-on and a variety of topics about parenthood that other mothers can relate to. They both understand that the role of being a mother takes a lot of time and effort and everyone can experience being burn out that is why they made it their mission to give mothers like them a chance to gather together and have fun and relaxation through holding parties and events.

2. Rookie Moms

Mothers are naturally equipped with parental instincts that no bullet in the world you are not willing to take just to protect your precious little one. But not everyone knows exactly what to do all the time, either. Rookie moms is a perfect guide for all expecting and new mother to mothers who are having a hard time letting go of their child in preschool. You will learn a lot of things about pregnancy, terrible twos, playdates, and starting school.

3. Mom Blog Society

Mom Blog Society

Parenting will be a lot easier if you have group support that understands what you are going through. This mom blog was not made by a single individual but by a community of mothers who seeks to extend their community to have a greater audience and spread their helpful tips and contents about parenting, travel, home improvements, technology, and health. If you are looking for a welcoming community, this place is the start.

4. Tech Savvy Mama

The influence of technology in the lives of children is inevitable. We live with technology all around us and children are naturals when it comes to technology navigation and utilization. Tech Savvy Mama is foundered by a mother who has background experience in technology. Now, the blog is all about the content that will help other mothers to understand and keep up with the world of technology, gadget, and the internet that children of this generation are so hyped.

5. A Little Bit of Lacquer

Laura Scott, M.D., is a doctor and a mother of her three beautiful daughters. A Little Bit of Lacquer is definitely a top mom blog that all working mothers will enjoy watching. In this blog, Laura shows how it is possible for a working woman to still give the love and attention that her children need from her. She features her mother’s journeys step-by-step from traveling as a family, maintaining a good body and health condition, and fashion for the whole family. This is a mom blog that mothers who cannot be with their babies 24/7 have to watch to realize that it is ok if they are working and not staying at home like the typical picture of a mother.

6. Mama Doctor Jones

Mama Doctor Jones

This mom blog is also made by a parent/doctor named Danielle Jones, M.D. She started her blogging journey alongside her medical training journey, maintaining a weekly blog entry. She managed to keep the blog even when she had her children and graduated residency. Now, she uses her own platform to share her fun and exciting mom experiences and spreading awareness and medical health information about women’s reproductive and overall health.

7. Pregnancy After Loss Support

It is no secret that motherhood is not all fun and joy. Some families have experienced loss before. Pregnancy After Loss Support is a support system and community of families and women who have had lost a pregnancy before their present pregnancy. The community understands that fears and anxiety have a tendency to overtake when the current pregnancy should be a time of rejoice and excitement. If you experience pregnancy loss before and now on a new journey of pregnancy, the online support of PALS will be helpful o you to regain and maintain the positivity on your present pregnancy.

8. Redefining Mom

Moms are becoming more practical and resourceful than ever. Redefining Mom is a blog site created by a mother, Monica Froese who spent time working in the corporate world. She created the site to teach women and mothers in starting an online business and wise management of income. She gives practical tips on family budgeting, profiting from making blogs, and doing your calendar.

9. Savvy Sassy Moms

Savvy Sassy Moms is a blog site that tackles a variety of topics around motherhood and women. It talks about travels, DIY crafts for kids, recipes, parties, and more. Created by a former educator, Jenna Greenspoon, both savvy and sassy momma, she gave honest reviews, engaging posts, and useful content for parents to do tasks easily. She strives to educate mothers like her by sharing her knowledge in managing children as a certified childhood educator and discoveries about parenting with her personal experiences. 

10. Juggling the Jenkins

Juggling the Jenkins

Created by Tiffany Jenkins, a wife, mother, best-selling author, content creator, and recovering addict, this mom blog will surely give a humorous outlook on parenting, school, and marriage with their content. What’s best in this blog is that Tiffany shares her personal experiences, insights, and realization in mental health, addiction, and recovery. Everyone can relate to their experiences as a family and parents who are being challenged with mental problems or addiction will surely learn a lot from this blog.

11. Mama.Papa.Bubba.

Are you looking for specific content like DIY crafts and designs? Mama.Papa.Bubba offers a centralized focus on their contents that involves crafts, DIY, and educative games. You will learn a lot of things from making decorations and crafts to designing educative games for babies and kids. Jen, the creator of this blog, her husband, and their little bundle of joy loves to travel like other families. You can shop for their product in different categories on Amazon.

12. A Mom’s Take

Regular contributions from four brilliant contributors will result in a mom blog called A Mom’s Take. Created by a wife and mother, Janel, this blog has different useful sections and topics you can choose from. You will read a variety of content revolving around parenting, recipes, activities, holidays, crafts, travel, and valuable content about mom’s health and tips. This is a one-place stop for all topics that motherhood needs.

13. Family Focus Blog

Family Focus Blog is one of the popular top mom blogs that give content about better ways of parenting. This is a great parenting resource about family fun activities, eco-friendly lifestyle, family food ideas, travel, and home decor.

This blog site is created by Scarlet 10 years ago and until now, it remains one of the top mom blogs on the internet.

14. Pregnant Chicken

Pregnant Chicken

Founded by Amy Morrison, this blog site expanded when she added contributors and people to build a stunning and professional website. It covers content about getting pregnant, being pregnant, labor and delivery, postpartum, having a new baby, and parenthood. This blog is full of resources that every parent will find helpful and useful in whatever stage of motherhood they may be.

15. Mom Trends

Mothers are not just mothers, they are a wife, a friend, a daughter and sister, and what they want to be. This blog aims to inspire parents to live a purposeful life and have a passion that will add to their self-value. Mothers are entitled to enjoy the things that they are passionate about and live a life that fills their responsibilities with their family. Creators of Mom Trends teaches other women to spend their time and money wisely for a peaceful life.

16. Kids Eat in Colors

Are you having trouble preparing foods for your picky eaters? Jennifer Anderson reveals the certified dietitian tips on how to prepare foods that everyone on the table will eat and fun ideas to make meals extra special. Jennifer Anderson helps mom to win the battle between kids during mealtime.

Motherhood could be a terrifying experience at times. But it is also rewarding most of the time. That is why the top mom blogs listed above are created, to help other moms out there to win the current situation for a better future, not only for the benefit of the mothers but especially their relationship with their family and kids.

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