What are Mommy Blogs and How Much Do They Matter?

What are Mommy Blogs and How Much Do They Matter ?

Between diaper changing, meal cooking, laundry, and cleaning, a mom documented the whole day through her digital lenses and shared it with the world: a typical mommy blogging these days. Defining what are mommy blogs before was simpler than measuring the scope that mommy blog contents made from 2010 till this year covers.

 Mommy blogs have evolved from sharing and finding common experiences from women who were experiencing hardship and challenges doing household chores, achieving a peaceful and good night’s sleep. Now, the contents are rarely a battling through emotional and mental health problems related to the unreachable demands of balancing self-love, children, spouse, and errands. Rather, it became the documentation of happy days and easy times during the first-times achievements, scripted holidays, and “usual” daily routine.

Blog contents from women with children have gained significant popularity over time and become a helpful guide, or expectation rather, for other stay-at-home, working, and expecting mothers. These contents have affected deeply the mindset of women towards parenting and maintaining an orderly household. Somehow it created an invisible standard of what a family should look like from afar. But the question is, do we really see mommy blogs from an authentic point of view, or is it just a way now to profit and making an influence over social media?

What are Mommy Blogs

It is better to understand the term first before we go deep on the subject. The Washington Post posted an article on the same topic and defined the term “Mommy Blogs” as any content from any female writers who have mentioned her child in her piece and “writes, even occasionally” about an issue in regards to parenting.

There is nothing wrong with that definition, in fact, the way mommy blogs look now, the article has defined the term pretty accurately. Mommy Blogs are content from actual mothers published on any social media online platform. Anyone who has a child can create her blog about parenting and other topics encompass it with the right website builder.

Mommy Blogs Before

Mommy Blogs Before

The contents of the mommy blog when the mommy internet was just starting were different from what it looks like now. Before the popularity of sharing and uploading daily lives, there were rage and agony. Sarah Pulliam Bailey’s article in the Washington Post has shown a good comparison of the old era of what mommy blogs were then than it is today. She mentioned that the first mommy blogs were raw and authentic. It explored topics about mental health battling, sleepless nights, bottles of whiskey, and breakdown. The truth is, those blogs shown the vulnerability and imperfections of real people experiencing real-life situations that no one can arrange to make perfect and ideal for other people. Blogs created before about motherhood and parenting showed how hard and impossible it is to live peacefully away from all the shouting, rampaging, and failing on a role and responsibilities that are known from generation to generation but have never had the formula to do everything right: motherhood. Although the stories you can find on the internet before about parenting were no near to perfection, it has a community understanding and acceptance of the terrible things that only mothers can understand.

What are the Effects of Staged Mom Blogs?

Mommy blogs, as a form of life writing and profit-making, have emerged into experiences that are unreachable for other moms. It was no longer of sharing authentic hardships and feeling of insufficiency, it involves now on DIY birthday parties, minimalist kitchen, and nursery room renovations.

A blog posted about mommy blogs listed problems about the image and production process of a typical mommy blog. According to the site which published the said blog, mommy blogs have hidden problems that involve:

  •  Privacy
  • Exploitation
  • Money
  • Medical
  • misinformation, and
  • mental health.

Effects of Staged Blogs on Children

Effects of Staged Blogs on Children

The biggest concern that mommy blogs can have is the health and welfare of the children of the mothers who create content for the audience. These contents are so ideal that the audience will envy even knowing that all the things shown on the screen and documented on the internet are fake and staged. Children involved in mommy blogs have to undergo multiple retakes of supposedly simple, fun, and normal celebration or holiday treats. In reality, preparation and events do not happen smoothly when mothers do everything on their own, which is the real normal.

Effects of Staged Blogs on Other Mothers

Even knowing the reality that not everything you see on screen and not everything is shown on the screen, mothers who scroll on these sites still get the feeling of inadequacy on the role that they are playing. As a result, these mothers tend to live on disappointment, develop a mental and emotional challenge that if gets serious, ends up into depression, as if motherhood alone is not enough in making you terrible about their worth.

What Audience Seeks on Mommy Blogs?

It is not easy to undergo motherhood. It’s no surprise. Every mother knows the harsh reality of motherhood, but it doesn’t mean that it is all terrible and misery. Being a parent is fun. But there are times when things are not going the way anyone expected. These times are the times when mothers turn to other personal beings that are undergoing the same situation either to contemplate or to learn new tactics to make the situation better. But the content available now on the internet focuses the majority on the good things and ideal reality that is not realistic.

What Contents Matter on Mothers?

A mother is not limited to a person who gave birth. There is a more important definition of a mother than going through 9 months of pregnancy and painful labor. A mother is anyone who gives care and affection to a helpless person, usually a child. Being a mother is the hardest but most fulfilling role a person can have. We understand that every stage of motherhood is a story of success and victory before entering another challenging day. That is why we understand that with the rise of technology and the internet world, some mothers find the need and impulse of sharing the good and fun side of this job. Our need for social approval interferes with the pure intention of showing what is real, thus making the documentation of the raw things implicated into something manipulated by tools and camera angles.

What Contents Matter on Mothers?

When chores and responsibilities pile up into impossible tasks, mothers turn to other mothers to see what they are doing, how they do things, and what they think on the matter. Blogs about Do-It-Your-Own tutorials, cleaning tips, and life hacks are all useful contents that may have a practical application. These contents give moms ideas and tips on what to do the next time they face the same situation. A minor milestone such as a child’s first step or first time going on the playground is informative but could be, and it is valid content for showing small victories.

Contents that give the wrong perspective about parenthood are those that show a perfect vacation, smooth flow of a normal day, and all fun celebration. If mom bloggers take it real, the pictures that they post will not only show happy faces and laughter, it will include crying, whining, disorganization, and impossible-to-clean mess.

There are still mommy blogs that keep it real and show the “dark side of parenthood” if you may. These mommy blogs manage to keep their content real and authentic:

●  Baby Boy Bakery

Parenthood is not all fun and happy. There is also sadness and even grief. This blog started as an ordinary blog of a family that changed into a blog about loss and coping with the sadness and grief of a parent who loses a child.

●  Cat and Nat

This blog is created by life partners who tackle spot-on problems. This modern family will show every detail of their lives with no filter. They reflect the usual, yet unusual setup of a modern family.

●  Juggling the Jenkins

If you want to see something that will make you laugh, try to look up Jenny Jenkins’ blog about parenthood and marriage. Her contents are raw and will show you the normal days of a normal family. It is also a journal blog that shows her battles and progress as a former drug addict. No parent is perfect, Jenny Jenkins did a good job showing that no parent should feel less about doing her job.

●  Mama Doctor Jones

Mama Doctor Jones

Not every mother stays at home taking care of everything under their roof. Some mothers have jobs while being a mother to their children. Doctor Jones made her life public by creating blogs about parenting as a working mother, a career woman, and support to other women.

●  Pregnancy After Loss

This blog gives community support to mothers-to-be with fear and anxiety due to a previous loss that they experience. The emotion and experiences on this blog are so authentic that even in your darkest time, you will feel that you are not alone in this journey and that you are not the only one who feels the way that you feel.

It is not hard to answer the question “what are mommy blogs.” Mommy blogs have different images and impact on the audience’s life. But one common trait that mommy blogs should have is the representation of a typical life that shows real feelings and support to other parents, saying “you are not alone in this.”

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