Sharing is Caring: The Benefits of Mommy Blogging

Sharing is Caring: The Benefits of Mommy Blogging

In the past few years, there has been a steady rise of the so-called “mommy bloggers”, and rightfully so, especially when we think about the numerous benefit of mommy blogging. These blogs are usually made by mothers, particularly when talking about niches around motherhood and taking care of families.

More and more women are doing this type of blogging particularly because it can be an outlet for them to voice out their opinions. It is also where they found a stronger voice as women who empower other women. A place where they can be heard and seen by other people.

So, if you are someone who wants to start her mommy blogging journey but still has some doubts about doing so, just keep on reading this article as we will tell you why you should go for it. We will be discussing the benefits of mommy blogging as well as some tips to guide you in starting your own mommy blog.

1. Having another kind of support system

One of the best things that a woman can get when writing these types of blogs is meeting other mommy bloggers too. Other than getting a wider perspective by reading what they wrote, you will also find a different kind of support system in that community.

Knowing that other people are going through similar things as what we have been through is one way or another reassuring. There is that sense of understanding that we are not alone in these situations.

It might be some family problems, motherhood struggles, and even troubles with parenting teenagers. There are a lot of things about being a mother that is not being talked about by most people.

This can feel a little suffocating, especially when we overthink that we are alone in these fights. That is why finding similar people who you can relate to, even if it is just during your spare time, is a benefit of mommy blogging that you can experience if you decide to do it.

Having another kind of support system

If you do decide to start your mommy blog, it can be quite overwhelming, just like how confused you may get when you are starting up as a parent. But again, you are never alone! There is a lot of help out there and a lot of options that you can choose from especially when building your blog website.

Remember, it is always the first step that is the hardest. But if you did take it, everything will just fall into place. Soon, you will see other women who experience similar situations as you, and then, for sure, you guys will be able to build a bond with it.

2. More grounded parenthood expectations

All new parents, one way or another, have expectations of what their lives are going to be once they already start their own family. Sometimes, though, these expectations can be quite unrealistic which will eventually overwhelm them.

There are things that one cannot fully anticipate unless they experience them themselves, and there are a lot of those during parenthood. The emotional burden, pressure, and stress that a parent will experience are just hard to imagine unless you are already in that situation.

Yes, we know that not every parent experiences the same thing, but another benefit of mommy blogging is being able to write down your thoughts and rationalize them better. It is like another form of journaling, which is very helpful especially if you are already overwhelmed with so many things.

Moreover, you are writing that blog not only for yourself so you will also have to consider the other perspectives of the situation that you are writing about. This gives you some time to assess your decisions better and come up with the best advice. Plus, physically seeing your worries and thoughts through the blogs that you write has this effect on your brain that makes it seem more manageable than it originally was.

More grounded parenthood expectations

And just like what was discussed in the first benefit, you will be able to form some connections with other mommy bloggers. That means that you will have people to talk to if you still feel lost and feel like you have been setting unrealistic expectations for yourself and your family.

3. Outlet to relieve some stress

Whether we deny it or not, being a parent comes with a lot of stress, and blogging is one of the many ways that you can relieve them. Through mommy blogging, you can vent out what you have been through lately, and then formulate a suitable conclusion with it later.

At some point, it can be your “me time”, where you just sit there and try to be at peace with your thoughts. It might not work for others, especially those who are not fond of writing, but it is worth a shot. Sometimes, we find peace in the places that we least expected it to be.

It is never a bad thing to do blogging as one of our coping mechanisms with stress. In fact, it is actually a great way to do it. Rather than a regular journal or diary that you only keep for yourself, you know that you have an audience if you start writing mommy blogs.

Some studies show that women who do mommy blogging, even if it is just during their free time, improve their marital happiness. This means that when there are times that you feel unhappy and uncertain with your marriage, unwinding and collecting your thoughts through writing about it makes it easier to deal with what you are feeling.

It is a safe place to release some stress since you can and you must always limit what you share online. Just as long as you can make your point across, it will already help you a lot in feeling better.

Outlet to relieve some stress

Chances are, you will also get a great tip or two from one of your readers in managing your problems better. Just don’t keep in all that stress as it might become way too much to handle and eventually, it might just wear you out. Like what was stated earlier, with the mommy blog community, you will find another kind of emotional support where you can vent your stress out.

4. Great source of money

Aside from all the help that it gives you emotionally, another great thing about mommy blogging is that you can earn from it. There are already many successful money-making mommy blogs available on the internet. It can either be your permanent source of income (especially if you are a housewife) or it can just be a part-time job during your free time.

We all know that earning money is not easy either. But is it not great to find a way to do something that you would enjoy and gain income from it as well? Many people have already started making a business out of their blogs, and doing so with mommy blogs is no different.

There are a lot of ways to monetize your blogs. But before being able to do that, it is a lot better if you can exclusively control and use an entire web server for yourself. These are called dedicated servers, and there are a lot of affordable packages out there, whether you are looking for dedicated servers for Windows or Linux.

Once you have your exclusive server, you can then monetize that blog by affiliate advertising, placing ads on your blog, and or even promoting your products if you have one. Whatever monetization technique that you will choose, creating blogs is a really good way to have some passive income.

Great source of money

Just be careful in putting a lot of advertising in your blog, because people would tend to not rely on blogs/websites that are swarmed by ads. More than anything, mommy blogging should be a way for you to share and gain experiences. Earning is just a great bonus for it.

Now that you know the benefits of mommy blogging, what’s next?

Blogging might not be for everyone. Or at least that is what you would initially think. Yes, writing your thoughts and formulating answers to your questions might be hard, but once you can do it, the results are very rewarding.

You can always learn how to write blogs online, especially that the internet has these seemingly unlimited resources of knowledge that you can access for free. Just like how you can find a lot of tips on how to successfully manage your blog.

Most of them are free as well, but sometimes, you also have to spend to get the most benefit from it. It is more of an investment than a bill to pay, especially if your mom blog eventually becomes successful.

Even if you think you can not do it, you just have to at least try. You never know, you might end up having fun with it, and most especially, you will find and discover ways to further improve yourself as a parent and your perspectives towards parenthood.

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