How to make the most of GoDaddy auctions

GoDaddy auctions aren’t something new, as we have seen several forms of auctions in the cyber world. Businesses require the best domain name to advertise and promote their businesses. However, someone might have already purchased the domain name you wanted to use for your website. When faced with this situation, you have two options – buy the domain from the original owner or get another domain name.

If you are thinking of blogging to make money, you need to have a domain name and buy a hosting plan to get started. GoDaddy auction is a good place to start as you can publicly sell or buy domain names. It’s a seven-day auction that offers everyone the opportunity to sell or buy a domain name. This write-up will explore every aspect of the GoDaddy auction, the fees that apply, and how you can make the most out of the auction.

What is GoDaddy Auction all about?

A domain name represents more than a web address, especially if you understand business. It represents an extension of your brand and offers instant recognition for customers. Having the best domain name provides value for your business. Interestingly, a good domain name can fetch you over thousands of dollars, especially if you find someone willing to buy it.

Nevertheless, you need a marketplace that brings these two parties together to buy or sell a domain. Here is where GoDaddy Auctions come to play, as it serves as an avenue for everyone to sell and buy a domain name. The marketplace allows sellers to place their domain names without any fees attached. It comes with several incentives as you can accept offers and send counteroffers to future buyers, create seven-day public auctions, or set a “Buy Now” price for your domain name.

Understanding how GoDaddy auctions work?

It is possible to run a blog without having a domain name. However, you need a domain name to increase your visibility. Today, people buy domain names without placing anything on them. For those familiar with eBay, you should find the process relatively easy. eBay also has an eBay domain auction similar to the GoDaddy domain auction.

With the GoDaddy auction, sellers determine the price, whereas buyers place the best bid. Buyers have a designated deadline to place their best bid before the offer ends. To simplify the process, GoDaddy offers different alternatives to its traditional model. For example, sellers can enable buyers to make offers using the “Buy Now” tool.

In addition, it enables people to negotiate the sale of a domain name without any deadline attached to it. Furthermore, the process keeps track of expired domain names, which automatically enters the auction process, whereby everyone can bid on these domains. Once someone places the highest bid, they become the new domain owner.

Getting Started with GoDaddy Auctions

Getting Started with GoDaddy Auctions

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Firstly, you must visit the GoDaddy auction page, where you must log in or create a new account. If you previously own an account, you don’t need to register, as you can use the “Sign In” link to access your account. Enter your customer number or username and password, which will take you to the auction homepage.

GoDaddy has made the process easier, such that you can use an email address, Google, or Facebook (Meta) to register. GoDaddy automatically fills the username field, allowing you to change the username to whatever you want. You need at least nine characters to successfully create the account for the password.

How to sell a domain name on GoDaddy Auction

After setting up your GoDaddy auction account, the next step is to sell or buy domain names. This section will explore how you can sell a domain name. You will see the “List a Domain” option on the homepage. After clicking it, you will see a notification requesting to create a GoDaddy Auctions Membership. The membership comes with a yearly fee of $4.99.

After subscribing for the yearly membership, you can fill in the domain name you want to sell. You will see the “Domain Name” and “Confirm Domain Name” fields that allow you to input the necessary information. The next important thing is the “Listing Type,” where you can choose from three options – “Buy Now Only,” “Offer/Counter Offer with Buy Now,” and “Offer/Counter Offer.”

Furthermore, you must complete the information required in the “Add Listing Details” section. You need to provide the asking price, buy now price, and category. The following minimum offer, description, contains adult content and includes a website are optional as you don’t have to provide any information when setting up your sale.

The next section is the “Increase Visibility” section that allows you to place your domain name listing on the GoDaddy auction website. You can either make your listing featured on the GoDaddy Auctions homepage or listed in a particular category. Furthermore, the “Receiving payment” sections comprises “Deposit payments to” and “Add a Payment Type.”

After providing all relevant information, you can click on the checkboxes to agree to the terms and conditions and membership agreement of GoDaddy auctions. Once completed, click finish, and your auction will appear based on your choice. You can create another listing using the “Create Another Listing” button.

How to buy a domain name on GoDaddy Auction

This aspect is extremely tricky, especially if you want to buy a domain name for your business. For instance, if you want to run a Fashion blog, you need to pick the perfect domain name that showcases your business such that clients can understand what your business represents from the domain name.

There are three distinct ways to buy domain names on GoDaddy Auctions. You can use the instant buy now option, make an offer, and make a bid on the domain. The quickest way to buy a domain name is using the “Buy Now” option. You don’t have to make any bid using this option. Let’s explore how you can do this.

Remember, you have to enter your username and password to access the page. Use the search button to find the domain you want to buy on your account homepage. You can use a keyword to search for the particular name you want. Immediately you see the domain name you want to buy, click on the “Buy It Now” button to continue the process.

How to buy a domain name on GoDaddy Auction

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It will automatically add the domain name to a shopping cart. Review and ensure everything is intact before clicking on the “Checkout” button. You will see different pages appear, requiring you to fill in the necessary information, starting with the billing information. Once completed, you can click on the “Save” button. Alternatively, you can use PayPal to make a payment. The last screen allows you to “Review and Pay.” It allows you to ensure everything is accurate before you click on the “Complete Purchase” button.


Selling and buying domain names on GoDaddy Auctions involves a simple process. If you have a business and want to launch it online but find out the name is already taken, you can buy it on GoDaddy Auctions. Once you get your domain name, you need a web host that will enable you to host your website, making it visible for everyone to see.