Blogging for health: How to get started?

Blogging for health: How to get started?

Blogging for health is a much specified niche that needs experience. Not all good writers can be good health bloggers. Before starting a health blog, you should become an expert first. There is no possibility you can give false information or something you are not sure about. Moreover, you should get acquainted with social media to promote your content. In fact, food and fitness posts go viral on Instagram more than any other social media.

Steps for successful blogging for health

To start your journey, you have to pass by all the following steps. Make sure you fully understand each one and implement it correctly before jumping to the next.

Choose your niche

Now, we know you already chose blogging for health. However, you need to choose a more specified niche. Health blogging is one of the most common blogging ideas today. So, general blogging is not always a winner. People who search the internet for a certain topic need to see you are an expert in this topic before they take you for granted. So, you have to show this expertise in a topic or number of topics related to your niche.

For example, you can choose to write about tips and advice for a healthy lifestyle. Alternatively, if you know much about food, you can write healthy food recipes for different diets. Also, you can write about fitness tips and home exercises for example. Whatever your topics are, always ensure you know much about them.

One final note here is that we aren’t saying you should never write about more than one topic in the same blog. Instead, focus on a certain subject and blog about other subjects every now and then.

Be different

The internet is already full of information and blogs about the same topics. How would you attract the audience to read your blog posts?

Be different

The answer is very simple. Stand out among the others, be different. Now, it is very easy to say it but when it comes to implementation, it becomes harder. Many people try to become different but they soon find the information they are writing is already written somewhere else.

Even if it is your original ideas and words, you will most probably find someone somewhere in the world who thought about the same thing before. So, how can we differentiate ourselves among similar content?

Simply, seek a different approach, not different information. Present your information in a different way. Try to be creative in how you write. For example, if you’re writing about healthy food recipes, consider shooting a video of yourself preparing this recipe. Shoot another video of your family trying your recipe and saying their opinions. Further, you can use the live feature on social media for more engagement. Blogging for health has so many creative ideas. Just try different things to figure out which works the best.

Grow your audience

Speaking of social media, most of your audience will be present there. So, never forget to make use of social media to direct your audience to your blog. As we mentioned earlier, blogging for health is very common on Instagram. People love to see food recipes and photos on Instagram. Moreover, fitness, gym, and exercise videos find a market on Instagram.

Hence, pick your social media platforms carefully. You can do an analysis of the target audience before you create your plan. Also, use every marketing tool that is available and suitable for you. Email marketing is a good way to send updates of your blog to your audience.

If you don’t know much about marketing, contact someone experienced in this to guide you. Alternatively, you can start learning yourself and apply it to your blog. Note that it won’t work from the first time. So, you have to be patient.

Be consistent

Be consistent

Consistency is the key to keeping your audience. If you managed to gain a fan base, without consistency, you won’t be able to keep your audience following your blog. If you committed to posting three blogs weekly, do this. When you write a post and shoot a video every day, do this. Your audience will be waiting there.

You can use some of the marketing and time management tools to help you in this process. Even more, you can write more than one blog post and schedule them throughout the week. Whatever techniques you follow, just be consistent.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How many times you have heard about the term “SEO”? Search engine optimization is about making search engines recognize your blog and show it in the search page results when your audience search for similar topics.

SEO includes writing in a proper way to make your text more attractive and readable to the audience. You can check some SEO blogging tips you should practice. Further, SEO includes technical stuff as building backlinks and creating a sitemap among other things. These may need an SEO service and plans to fully optimize your website and improve its ranking.

Gain money

This step comes later after you have completed all the above ones and became an expert with a relatively large fan base. Only then, you can think of making money from your blog. There are different ways to gain money from blogging for health.

First, product reviews. Here, you write articles about different products as healthy food products or supplements. In all cases, never fool your audience who already began to trust you.

Next, affiliate marketing is basically linking to other products or services (related to blogging for health of course) in your blogs. For example, you can link to some nearby gym or fitness studios if you manage a local blog.

Gain money

Another option is through AdSense which is eligible only for blogs with a large number of visitors. With this option, you allow others to place their ads on your website. Once a visitor clicks on this ad, you gain a commission.

Other considerations

Here, we’ll talk about technical stuff you need to take care of. The most important thing is how will you create your blog? One of the easiest ways to do so is to use WordPress. Blogging on WordPress is very easy and doesn’t need any technical or web development experience.

Another point is to choose a relevant domain name for your health blog. This name should be catchy and at the same time tells your audience what the blog is about before reading anything. You may want to try a domain name generator that uses AI practices to come up with an attractive name.

Finally, pick a host for your website. A host service provider is where your website will reside on the internet. So, your audience can visit it anytime. Turbo Cloud hosting offers different plans from the very basic WordPress hosting to business plans for larger websites.

What health topics can I write about?

Blogging for health is a very general category. Inside, you have a very wide area where you can pick one or more topics to write about. However, the most important thing is to be interested in what you are writing.

Some of the topics you can consider are:

Awareness posts: Awareness can be on different things. Now, it is very prevalent as the world is already facing several health issues that need awareness. To avoid being repetitive, pick the topics that are not highlighted but serious at the same time.

Questions & answers: For these kinds of topics, you should be an expert to give informative answers to your audience’s questions. You can ask your audience to send their queries and you answer related queries in the same blog post.

Alternative medicine: A very interesting idea that attracts many people. Alternative medicine includes every possible natural way to cure illnesses.

Alternative medicine

Medical health topics: If you choose this, you need to have any medical background. At least, you should know the meaning of the medical terms you are writing and when to use each of them.

Fitness: This category itself contains many other categories. Fitness can include home exercises, yoga, cross-fit, bodyweight exercise, and many other different activities. Also, it can refer to a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet and routine.

Wellness: This is about anything else rather than food and sports. Wellness may include meditation and mind curing. It may need some psychological background to write about this topic.

Food diets: Here, you can write about different diets and give advice for each diet plan. For example, Keto, vegan, plant-based, and other different diets.

Blogging for health is very interesting and has endless ideas. Unless you are interested in the idea, don’t start blogging now. However, if you decided to do so, we are sure you will like it so much and come up with ideas every day.

Blogging starts with building a website, writing your blogs, and publishing to your audience. Each of the steps should take proper planning and implementation time. This way you won’t miss it out. Moreover, you can become a well-known health blogger whom people trust and wait for his/her content.