Everything You Should Know About GoDaddy VS 1 & 1

Everything You Should Know About GoDaddy VS 1 & 1

If you are on the web looking for a decisive comparison to decide the GoDaddy vs 1and1 matchup, it means you’re probably in search of a web hosting service to get started with your website.

In this post, we are going to do a brief but comprehensive comparison between these two popular companies. We don’t want to make it too long, because you are probably looking to get your site up and running as quickly as you can. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

GoDaddy vs 1and1: What are they?

Although there is a big chance that you are already quite familiar with these two names, we still want to start off with the basics. Going over the ground concepts can be helpful for cases where the reader is in some sort of misunderstanding and is reading the post thinking it to be about something else.

Nevertheless, let’s get started.

Based on your level of understanding, you could be confusing these two to be website builder tools or something. Let’s clear that up first.

GoDaddy and 1and1 are both hosting service providers. These two companies provide users with the facilities necessary to upload websites to the internet and to keep them running.

On a general note, these two companies give more or less the same services as each other. They do differ in quality and efficacy, and finding out those differences is the reason why we are doing this GoDaddy vs 1and1 comparison in the first place.

The Comparison

Okay, now, here is the thing. If we were to delve into the GoDaddy vs 1and1 comparison by taking into account all the aspects and features, then this article would end up looking a bit like a thesis.

Hence, we are going to stick to the main stuff so that you can quickly and easily get an idea about both these companies. You’ll be able to, after considering your particular need and requirement, decide which one suits you better.


First things first, and that’s performance. To judge the performance between these two providers, the best barometer to use is the uptime and speed.


Uptime, like the name pretty much explains, is the time that your website is up and available for visitors. If, suppose, a company gives 50% uptime (which is ghastly, by the way), it means that the hosted website will be available to visitors for 12 hours during the whole day.

1and1 has an uptime of 99.98%, which is pretty awesome. GoDaddy, on the other hand, falls 0.01% short and has an uptime of 99.97%.

When looking at the performance side of the GoDaddy vs 1and1 comparison, the uptime isn’t the only thing in which the latter takes the lead. While GoDaddy gives good site speeds generally to all its users, 1and1 has a system that you can use to adjust and tailor your website speeds according to your visitors and their region.

Does that sound confusing? Let’s elaborate.

1and1 has data centers in ten different countries across the globe. This availability of data centers can be very beneficial for users who are on cloud hosting. If a website has a large percentage of visitors that are located in some other, faraway part of the world, the site owner can switch to a data center that is closer to that specific region. For example, if a site based in the UK is getting a ton of visitors from the US, it can switch from its default data center to the one based in America and thus make the speeds better for users located there.

Looking at the performance at both the companies in the GoDaddy vs 1and1 comparison, the latter comes out better. Slightly, but still, better.


The hosting is where you will have a tougher time deciding between these two companies. When it comes to the hosting, it’s a bit of an oscillating tug of war; with one side proving to be better in one way, and the other in another.

First, let’s look at the types of hosting. Both GoDaddy and 1and1 give VPS, Managed WordPress, Dedicated and Shared hosting. However, 1and1 also provides its users with Cloud hosting; which is something that GoDaddy fails to do.

Cloud hosting has a lot of benefits. With it, you don’t have to worry about the location or about being bound to a certain place to manage your website. Cloud hosting also gives users excellent control over their resource allocation.


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So, in the GoDaddy vs 1and1 comparison, 1and1 is better in the diversity of the offered hosting types.

However, hosting is the same place where GoDaddy secures an unequivocal and absolute win over its competitor. The features and perks that GoDaddy provides in Shared and VPS hosting are way better than what is offered by 1and1. Although GoDaddy falls a bit short in the types of hosting, it compensates handsomely in the features and benefits.

For example, in shared hosting, you get only 100GB – 500GB of disk storage with 1and1. But with GoDaddy, you can enjoy unlimited space. Similarly, GoDaddy works with cPanel; which is a popular and user-friendly control panel software. 1and1 does not offer this feature as well, which makes it a bit harder for beginners to use.

hosting are way better than what is offered by 1and1

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With regards to security, 1and1 once again snags a win. But this win is not due to the quality or efficiency of the security offered. Rather, it’s because of the availability.

Both GoDaddy and 1and1 give SSL certificates to their users. However, the latter provides ‘em free of charge, regardless of the plan whereas the former only offers them on the Ultimate plan (which is the most expensive one).

Conclusion and Verdict

From an unbiased perspective, the winner of the GoDaddy vs 1and1 comparison is 1and1. Although the features offered by GoDaddy are very awesome and worth paying for, 1and1 takes the victory owing to two facts: 1) it offers free SSL certificates to all users, and 2) it has data centers in 10 different countries. The latter point is great for increasing speed and improving user experiences.