Factors to Consider When Choosing Web Hosting Cheap Plans

Factors to Consider When Choosing Cheap Web Hosting Plans

Cheap web hosting plans attract more attention these days as the number of people and businesses who want to launch a website also keeps on increasing. From a single person who loves to blog to small businesses and multi-million enterprises, all of them build a website to showcase their passion, create a platform, help their business grow, and keep up with the latest trends.

Today, it’s easy to create a website. Some people think that by just creating a good domain name and starting a website with WordPress, the most popular content management system, they’re all set. But they are missing the most important aspect of creating a website: web hosting.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is an online service that allows you to launch your website on the internet. You need to look for a business web hosting provider who can help you establish and maintain your website. They will be responsible to keep your server up, protect your website from malicious cyberattacks, and file transfer to your visitor’s web browsers.

Now that you have an idea, you need to look for a good web hosting provider that can offer you all the things you need as you launch your website. If you fear it will be expensive, worry not! There are a lot of web hosting cheap services you can avail of these days.

Being cheap doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t have the quality that passes today’s standards in web hosting. So in this post, you will learn how to weigh your options when choosing a web hosting cheap services or platforms for your website without compromising the quality of service you will receive.

Things to Consider When Choosing Cheap Web Hosting Providers

Not all web hosting companies that claim they offer cheap deals are cheap. Thus, you should refrain from purchasing right away, no matter how catchy the gimmick those companies offered. Some of them might not even have a dependable hosting plan for you.

Things to Consider When Choosing Web Hosting Cheap Providers

Since not all web hosting cheap providers sell the same packages, you need to check each feature they offer to avoid regrets later on. So aside from the lowest pricing, here are some of the things you also need to take into consideration.

Upfront cost

The upfront cost or the promotional pricing helps you determine if you can save or not. Most web host providers offer a monthly fee of around $7. In a year, it will total $84. But, have you checked if there are any add-ons or features you need that are excluded from the initial hosting price you’re supposed to pay?

Some of the common features that are not included in the promotional pricing are domain name, domain name privacy, email accounts, and additional website security. And for the most part, each of these might cost you around $5 yearly.

If you will do the math, just for these add-ons you need to spend an extra $20 yearly. In total, you will have a $204 yearly expense to keep your website functional and operational. In all honesty, this is too much when the acceptable rate should only be around less than a hundred dollars.

So the lesson here is, look for all the features you need if it’s included in the upfront cost. You can also consider the features you will need in the future. In that case, you will have an estimation of how much you need to spend if you upgrade your website.

Renewal cost

Okay, so you’ve found a web hosting provider that advertised a cheap promotional price. You’re good to go. However, for the second year or renewal of your purchase, you notice the price is higher. It’s not the same as when you first buy the hosting plan. Why is that?

This scenario happens all the time for most web hosting providers. But the difference is the percentage of the increase of the annual renewal rate.

renewal cost of web hosting

Some providers only charge a 50% increase, while others can go as high as 137%. Not to mention, there’s also an increase in the add-on features. So please always take careful attention to the full renewal rate to avoid getting surprised and spending too much from your expected price.

Server uptime

Your website’s server uptime is also of important consideration, especially if you sell products or services online. Every time your customers will access your website and see it is down, you will experience potential sales lost, even the traffic won’t be monetized.

But first, what causes server downtime? Web host providers have scheduled maintenance to check the server’s security and optimize the performance of your website. It’s only natural for them to turn down the site to stop all the access to your website and keep your data safe. If they won’t process maintenance of their server, it will have disconnections or the server can’t handle all the requests made on your website. So it will also cause downtime to your website.

Most server downtimes happen in shared hosting. But some can handle this issue well by having 50 seconds of downtime for 30 days. Other providers guarantee server uptimes instead and assure your website has enough performance to run well.

So, does your preferred web hosting provider promise a reliable server uptime? Since almost everyone claims to have 99% of uptime on their web server, how can you be sure it is true? To make sure, you can always check on reviews online and compare several web host providers. Researching takes you a lot of time, but it will help you avail a cheap yet worthy web hosting plan.

Domain limits

If you plan to create more than one website, you need to check the available web hosting plans if they offer, let’s say, for example, two to three additional websites for a single purchase.

check the domain limits of the cheap hosting plan

Some hosting providers can offer you to create as many websites as you want for just a cheap price. While others, especially the popular ones, require you to upgrade your hosting plan to create more than one or even up to 100 websites.

Bandwidth capacity

There is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth. But you will see that web hosting providers always advertise it. But how come they still have the guts to tell this to people?

Most probably these hosting providers offer shared hosting plans. As per the name, your website is sharing the same server with other websites. Since all these websites won’t consume all the available resources of the server, you will feel like you have, indeed, an unlimited bandwidth. Even if that’s not the case. You will still reach a CPU limit at some point if you have many visitors on your website daily. Therefore, purchasing a shared hosting plan will seem cheap but it might not be beneficial for you if your website receives a lot of traffic.

Customer support

Not just for web hosting but other products or services as well, you can trust and rely on a company if they can serve you anytime and anywhere you need them. That’s why customer support is also one of the things you should consider when choosing a web host provider.

Whether you are experienced or a beginner when it comes to website building, you will encounter some issues. And you may get confused on how to fix those.

You can get a hint on how a web hosting company responds to their clients or customers as early as the inquiry stage. You can also check their website on how you can contact them. They should have their email, contact number, or social media pages posted on their website. In this way, you can reach out to them easily when you need some help in creating your website.

Contract terms

contract terms of the web hosting plan

As part of their promotional campaigns, most web hosts offer cheaper rates. However, you should take a careful look at their contract terms. Most of these cheaper web hosting have a lock-in period plan, which requires you to commit for up to two or more years at the lowest possible rate.

So if you are simply exploring the web hosting that will work for you or don’t like to commit long term, check this feature right away to avoid regrets. Similar to what we explained on the renewal cost, the contract terms can be more expensive in the long run.

Start Creating Your Website with A Web Hosting Cheap Provider

Choosing a web hosting plan doesn’t need to be expensive. Now that there are so many cheaper offers these days, you can afford a web hosting plan that’s right for you.

Though some may still have doubts, since most cheap deals tend to have poor quality or service, you only need to give time to researching and comparing services from several web hosting companies.

If you are careful enough and manage to choose a good quality web hosting provider for you or your business, you will realize that being cheap is worth it.

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