How the Best Cheap Shared Web Hosting For Business Can Help Your Startup?

How the Best Cheap Shared Web Hosting For Business Can Help Your Startup?

After working hard to build a business profile, it’ll come a time when you’ll have to review various cheap shared web hosting plans on offer for your website. Of course, you will have multiple options at your disposal. Besides determining which hosting company to choose, you will also have to consider the kind of package that suits your budget.

The goal of every business startup is to cut costs to make it viable and be present in the subsequent six months to establish dominance. Whether starting or a multi-million enterprise, an online presence will be essential for your business to win new prospects and expand rapidly. So choosing the right hosting plan from the best cheap shared web hosting for Business will definitely make or break your startup journey.

Shared hosting offers the best way to establish a website at reduced costs. It’s worth understanding what shared hosting is before delving into the best companies that provide the cheapest shared web hosting plans.

What is Shared Hosting for a business website?

Shared hosting is where multiple websites utilize a single server. Through sharing server resources with other websites, shared web hosting becomes the most economical plan to host a website for business startups.

Shared web hosting is simply the cheapest and most cost-effective way when it comes to hosting your website. However, the lowest prices come with limitations. Since web hosting comes with different prices that can stretch your banks to the limit, it’s vital to choose a hosting provider that offers pocket-friendly prices.

What is the best cheap shared web hosting for Business can offer?


Hostinger presides over the list of cheapest shared web hosting providers with a fee ranging from $0.99 to $15.99 per month. Variation in cost depends on your plan as well as timeframe. Despite offering the best price in a host of other providers, the plan comes with some drawbacks, such as low uptime support.

As the most bang for your buck, Hostinger offers different plans from where you can pick one that best serves your needs. The price for each plan gets low as you commit more time to it. Usually, as most providers do, Hostinger also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The best part is that every Hostinger shared hosting plan comes with a free email license and 100GB bandwidth. For you to get unlimited email licenses and bandwidth, you’ll need to upgrade from the single shared plan to either Premium or Business Shared plans.

The Premium, as well as Business Shared, plans also come with rock bottom prices. They offer a pretty decent 99.9% uptime guarantee, and their site speed is also good. Besides, they also provide a free domain and Secure shell access.

However, topping on the best cheap shared hosting plans doesn’t mean that Hostinger offers the best hosting experiences. In varying perspectives, the company is well behind some of its competitors. Currently, Hostinger doesn’t offer phone support services. This makes its existing customers encounter limited experiences. In terms of price factors for shared web hosting experiences, Hostinger is the best option.


iPage offers only a straightforward pricing plan for shared web hosting. Although the plan is suitable for hosting only one site, it is proficient for receiving up to 500,000 visitors per month. Their plan range from $1.99 per month when signing up to $7.99 when renewing. Undeniably, this puts them in the best category of cheap shared web hosting companies.

Hosting Features

Despite offering the best low prices, iPage also provides excellent features. These include unlimited disk space, unlimited subdomains, a free domain name, scalable bandwidth, free SSL certificate, 24/7 phone, and live chat support services, as well as bandwidth to support up to 500,000 visitors per month. For such a low plan, these free and unlimited services make iPage one of the companies that offer the best user experiences for budget constraints.

Uptime and Downtime

However, compared to, iPage is a bit lacking when it comes to uptime guarantee. At 99.9%, it makes iPage exhibit a low uptime guarantee. Likely, this means that your site might be down for more hours in a year than other providers.

Compared to, which supports up to two websites for ultimate WordPress websites, iPage is only designed to support one website for the shared hosting account. Besides, you will be charged a hefty $100 when you want to restore your website from a backup.


InMotion offers good value for money from its shared hosting services. The company provides an exclusive plan of $2.49 per month under the Lite plan for WBE users. WBE users also choose from other three exclusive hosting plans, namely: Launch, Power, and Pro. The most expensive of these plans retails at $12.99 per month.

Hosting Plans

The three hosting plans come with a marketing tool, a free domain, and a security suite. Unlike other plans we have gone through so far, just like, InMotion entry-level plan provides hosting for unlimited disk space. This presents great value for the hosting cost.

For beginners, we suggest the Launch plan as the best option. Power is designed for small-scale business websites, while Pro is designated for developers and growing businesses. If you are stuck and need help, you can get 24/7 on-site support via phone and email.

Subdomain Provision

InMotion is among many web-hosting providers, such as, allowing you to host multiple websites on its basic shared plan. However, other features such as domains, free backups, and SSL security keys are standard. The company also doesn’t cover extended features such as unlimited email licenses.

Visitor Capacity Limits

The number of monthly visitors is also limited. Compared to iPage, which offers up to 500,000 visitors per month, InMotion only supports a limit of 360,000 and is not likely to exceed the limit. Even though the company offers the best value for money, InMotion is hands down compared to other hosting companies such as offers a worth extra buck if you can stretch your pockets.

Visitor Capacity Limits

InMotion’s rates fall between iPage and However, their prices seem to rise at a high ratio when doing plan renewals. As a user, we’ll recommend that you don’t have to pay triple prices when it is time to renew your plan at an affordable cost with


DreamHost offers cost-effective shared web hosting services. In case the price is your main concern, then DreamHost has considerably cheap shared web hosting plans. Its shared starter plan begins at a monthly rate of $2.59. However, the main challenge with this offer is that you have to commit to a three-year term to get it. Annual costs are rated at $3.95 per month, while monthly subscriptions cost $4.95. Also, DreamHost allows you to upgrade to their monthly shared unlimited plan that costs $10.95 per month.

Shared Hosting Plans

We can’t go on without mentioning that DreamHost offers two plans that are both straightforward. One is a shared starter, while the other one is shared unlimited. A shared starter is the one rated at $2.59 per month and provides hosting for one month. It also encompasses 5 subdomains and 50GB of site storage. Shared unlimited provides a sensation of hosting unlimited websites, unlimited subdomains, as well as unlimited site storage with a starting cost of $5.95 per month.

The exciting bit of shared starter is the fact that it is the best option for new websites. The plan is armed with five subdomains with plenty of site storage. However, the downturn is that email licenses from your domain aren’t included, but you’re allowed to add on that option when purchasing your plan.

Uptime and Downtime

The good thing about DreamHost is that the company offers a 100% uptime rate. If they fail to keep the assurance, you will be compensated for every hour of downtime, which adds up to 10% of your subsequent renewal fee for prepaid.

Host migration

Host migration

If you have a WordPress site, DreamHost comes with a host of possibilities. Their team will offer migration services at the cost of $99. If you fall under this category, it’d be best that you take advantage of this offer.

However, compared to Turbo Cloud, DreamHost doesn’t offer cPanel, a standard-based industry dashboard. Although it uses its bespoke dashboard, this makes it difficult to get grips with it. Even the cheapest shared hosting service provider should have host migration services to allow users to join their hosting from other providers.  Any cheap shared web hosting provider has migration services in place to acquire new clients.


Bluehost stands out for its fantastic performance compared to most other web hosting companies. The company provides the best of unlimited plans that don’t fall short of the competition in terms of speed and uptime. In different key areas, Bluehost performs admirably well. It offers a shared hosting plan of only $2.95 per month. However, this offer is only tied to a three-year plan, though.  For annual plans, the cost rises to a monthly rate of $4.95. When paid on a monthly plan, the price jumps to $7.99. With Bluehost, there are four shared web hosting plans. The most expensive plan retails at the cost of $23.99 per month.

WordPress Hosting

Sometimes when you talk of WordPress, Bluehost often comes into mind. In other words, for shared web hosting plans, Bluehost is well-known for its WordPress hosting services. Although there are other cheap shared hosting companies out there, Bluehost keeps a premium on quality. Apart from incredible uptime and free domains, there is also an SSL security certificate with 24/7 support.

Storage Capacity

On the downside, the main limitation dragging Bluehost is its limited storage. For the basic plan, Bluehost offers 50GB. This makes it not recommended for media-heavy websites. Due to its limited storage for the basic plan, beats Bluehost in different perspectives, such as quick live chat services and an extensive knowledge center. The speed and quality of support are impressive.

Turbo Cloud: Best cheap shared web hosting for Business

Turbo Cloud

Turbo Cloud comes in with the highest scorecard. Very few hosting companies can stand up to the key features offered. Apart from providing cost-effective solutions, they also offer excellent customer support round the clock. All the hosting plans are provided with unmetered bandwidth, storage, free domain, and a free SSL certificate.

For years, has beefed up its web hosting provisions and is now perceived as being at the best cheap shared web hosting for Business. We offer unbeatable plans such as cPanel going as low as $7.99 monthly rate. This price is unbeatable compared to most of our competitors. Also, Turbo Cloud offers basic WordPress hosting at the cost of only $8.99 per month.

Turbo Cloud Offers Efficient WordPress Hosting

Turbo Cloud offers four types of WordPress hosting; WordPress Basic, WordPress Deluxe, WordPress Ultimate, and WordPress Ecommerce. Consecutively, the monthly rates for our shared hosting plans include $8.99, $11.99, $24.99, and $69.99. getting unlimited storage, unlimited visits per month, automatically providing daily malware scans is a big plus that makes outshine other providers on the market. SSL certificate is included for free with every site hosted. Cloud hosting is more expensive than shared hosting because there is some difference between shared and cloud hosting.

Turbo Cloud Provides Unwavering Customer Support

We are delighted with the value we offer. Customer ratings on our hosting plans are definitely on the higher end of the spectrum. Also, the renewal rates for their plans are affordable to newbies looking for cheap shared web hosting.

If thinking about using for your WordPress site, the WordPress Ultimate or the WordPress Ecommerce plan will serve your needs best. With the fantastic customer support provided combined with the simplicity of WordPress on the host’s platform, you’ll be impressed.

Turbo Cloud Provides Competitive Downtime limitations

Sometimes focusing on low-priced shared hosting plans is not worth the hustle. Think of downtime as a major drawback that kills productivity. It’s always recommended to check the value offered instead of focusing too much on the price. Turbo Cloud has numerous servers from different geolocations to ensure there is no downtime should any host run offline.

With Turbo Cloud, you’ll reap value for every dime spent. The features that come with WordPress Ecommerce are worth the high pricing. One of our most outstanding features is customer support. Most customers have tested this feature and are impressed with their customer support team’s speed and quality of service.

In fact, because of extensive customer support services, exceeds customer service expectations beating other hosting companies in the league.

It’s Decision Time:

With such a wide range of offerings choosing the best cheap shared web hosting for Business is key. Turbo Cloud is your one-stop solution for all scales of hosting requirements. If you need shared hosting, we have both cPanel and windows hosting offerings for you. Further, if you require a dedicated server, we offer it for both Windows and Linux. So no matter what your hosting need is, we have got you covered. Check out our affordable hosting offerings now!