Brand Building Resources to Create Your Business Identity

When it comes to any business, their brand image is their identity. Without building a good personal brand, it is impossible to reach the top among your competitors and be the first choice of your target audience. Now, you might ask what exactly is brand building, and how can you do it? To answer your questions, we will be discussing the top brand building resources, to use in recent years. Let’s get started!

What is brand building?

Brand building is the process of letting people know what your company does or sell to assist them. It can be done by creating promotions, advertising directly, or by holding various campaigns. You can also sponsor events and programs to familiarise your customers with your products and services. In today’s world, however, all of these are mostly done online. It is no wonder that technology has made advertising easy and efficient. People nowadays can purchase with just a click!

Nonetheless, it isn’t very easy to get people to click on your products, let alone purchase them. Most of your consumers wouldn’t even know that your company exists if you fail to create a recognizable business brand. Therefore, your top priority should be to create a strong brand. To do so, you will need a perfect brand strategy, an excellent marketing plan, and a place in the online world. Only then will your business have a true identity.

build your brand image according to target audience

Top Brand Building Resources For Your Business

Now that you know what brand building is, you will be wondering how to build a brand. Below, we have created a list of the top branding resources that are a must-have for your business. Check out how they will help you in growing your business to the next level:

Website Hosting Providers


Being one of the top web host providers, HostGator provides you amazing ways to create a website or blog for your business. For your e-commerce website, you need to have a domain name, and HostGator provides just that! Millions of entrepreneurs like you trust them, and their worldwide performance on website hosting is spectacular. Furthermore, HostGator is known to deliver extremely budget-friendly services starting from only $2.75 a month! SSL certificates are free as well as HostGator wants to ensure security to all your users’ login details and credit card payments.

The most interesting part of HostGator is that all the complex setup procedures and installation methods are done with just a click! Their expert technical team is available 24/7 and is easily approachable. HostGator has also partnered with WordPress, a famous software that helps you build professional website designs and tailor out web pages. If you do not like HostGator, you can always ask for a refund within 45 days of your purchase, so there is absolutely no risk to give it a shot!

hostgator, a brand building resource
build a website with bluehost for your brand


With Bluehost, you have complete freedom while designing your web pages. For their new users, they provide free domain names at no cost for the first year. When you have a business, it is crucial for you to monitor your progress and understand which moves result in increased revenue or customer satisfaction. With Bluehost, you can do that for just a small payment as they have all up-to-date tools to help you analyze your, and your team’s performance.

Additionally, launching is extremely fast with Bluehost, and their automated security features take their service to another level. If you are worried that you need extra help, then Bluehost is your right choice because their customer service is always available.

Website Builders


This subscription-settled software has already supported millions of users to convert their offline business to online e-commerce stores. You can use them to create your online store using different interactive marketing and SEO tools. The exciting aspect of Shopify is that everything is customizable, so you can exhibit your products in such a way that engages customers. Shopify also helps manage finances and deliver items to your customers.

Shopify believes it is a hassle to pick out different web providers from other platforms and so, serves everything you need to launch your site. That being said, all technological processes and applications, along with great templates and on-screen chat options, are available here. You don’t have to worry about hiring web developers or delivery drivers on your own; Shopify has it all!

build your brand with shopify
building personal brand with a website created by wix


Another trendy website developing platform, WiX, is a free website builder that creates astonishingly creative websites that suit your company’s theme and style. They have over 500 templates for you to choose from, and their advanced features such as online booking and plan schedulers are helpful as well. The unique thing about WiX is that you can do everything, starting from logo creation to email marketing, from one single source. Their Artificial Design Development is user-friendly, and thus very easy to handle.

You can even purchase domain names from WiX and edit your website’s mobile screen version. Apart from these, WiX has an excellent support team whom you contact for additional information and updates.

Business Credit Cards

Capital One Business Credit Cards

Since the introduction of e-commerce, online payments are becoming insanely popular these days, but so are the security threats. Therefore, to keep you safe from these, we suggest using Capital One Business Credit Cards to maintain all your funds. Capital One is a worldwide trusted company and there is no room for credit card fraud in their firm. You can also get additional discounts and offers if you’re a new customer!

Their expert team takes proper security measures and their fraud alert system is an added advantage to you. With this feature, you will be notified of any fraudulent transactions. Additionally, purchase records and an year-end summary chart will be provided so that you, and your team get to know your progress and strategies accordingly.

business credit card for your business


Once you are done with your website setup and website hosting, you can start promoting your products through email marketing. There are various platforms to do so, including ones that build email lists for you, but as mentioned earlier, WiX too, can help you here.

The main thing about branding is creating a profile that represents what you do. The brand building resources mentioned above are good enough to get you started, but it’s best to research your competitors and know how they are proceeding. More importantly, you must know the features of the software you are planning to use (including the ones mentioned above). With a proper plan and a functional website, you will be only a step away from achieving everything that you’ve ever dreamt of.

Best of luck!