Blogging To Make Money: Helpful Tips And Hints

Blogging To Make Money: Helpful Tips And Hints

Most people nowadays are seemingly well-connected to the Internet, reading articles or using social media platforms which makes blogging one of the most lucrative ways to make money in 2021.

Ideal for those looking for more income aside from the day job, blogging is for everyone. There are a lot of possibilities that this edition of our blog post will seek to discuss.

At first, there will be a lot of questions. How can writing blogs convert to income? Is it necessary to become a specialist in coding? What are the tools you must have? Let us seek to answer these questions via this guide or cheat sheet.

Blogging is considered a legitimate way of earning money that can go a long way. Many blogs you may be following today started several years ago and are still thriving. It has offered a substantial income that others already even consider their major income source. While there are strategies that you can simply follow by the word, blogging to make money is easier said than done. Here are your hints and the must-haves.

 How To Make Money With Your Blog In 2021

Know what you need. Blogging to earn is a blend of blogging about your passions, the willingness to learn, and the motivation to earn. Take heed of the following tips to get the most out of your blogging. It is also necessary to learn what blog type you want to create so you know the cost of your blog’s earnings. Be realistic with your financial ambition. Think big.

1. Choosing Your Blog’s Niche: Prioritize Market Factors Over Your Passions

Several schools of thought will tell you that you should blog about what you are passionate about. When you do so, you will be able to be successful. If you are into food, be a food blogger. If you like pets, start a pet blog. If you are a style enthusiast, get going with your fashion blog. The possibilities are endless.

Choosing Your Blog’s Niche: Prioritize Market Factors Over Your Passions

However, consider the market factors over these passions so you can be more successful. How do you this? Think about your passion, and think of its relevance in today’s market. If you simply write about paintings, will the readers today like it? They may be more interested in Japanese manga and pop culture. The most successful bloggers are aware of what the audience is interested in. If you want to blog about food, consider including topics like home-cooked meals in the time of the pandemic. Check some of our blog ideas here.

2. Name Your Blog: Here Are The Questions To Consider

Your blog’s name is what will ring in people’s ears and minds even when they are about to head off to bed. Think about a unique name, define your personality, and compress what you will be talking about. In the world of search engine optimization and digital marketing, Neil Patel is a personality. His blog says it all when you are looking for useful tips about such topics. The name of his website? Simply, “Neil Patel,” coming from his name.

You can adapt this or think of other names you will be most comfortable with. Importantly, ask yourself these questions. First, does the blog name reflect what your blog will be about? Second, will your readers like the name? Third, is the blog name easy to spell in Google search? Fourth, is it concise?

3. Sign Up To A Web Hosting Platform

The question that may hit your mind is the price you will pay. Hearing about the web hosting platform, you know it is a service provider that will manage your website. While it is true that web hosting platforms do not charge for free, you can find those that are affordable.

You may ask yourself, “Can I just use free hosting platforms like WordPress or Weebly?” Very well said. Actually, these free web hosting platforms, and mind you, they are also easy to navigate and manage, are good enough to carry your blog. Yet, there are limitations like not accessing particular templates and bearing the “” after your blog name in the URL with WordPress.

Sign Up To A Web Hosting Platform

It is still best to sign up for a web hosting platform. What are the benefits? First, you can get your domain name without the hosting provider’s name included, your blog’s name dot com. You, the blogger, will get improved website performance, unparalleled technical support, enhanced web security, and so much more.

4. Balance Writing With Content Creation

Do not fear the process of writing, writing, and writing once you have the blog ready. Yet, you should remember that writing is not everything. You should regularly write and post content. After all, blogging is primarily writing, but you can adapt strategies, so you do not write and write.

Bring these two to balance. The major components to consider are SEO optimization, outreach, guest post, outsourcing, backlinking, and repetition. You can access several tutorials that teach you the nitty-gritty on how to do this. If you are an engineer or an arts graduate, you will never have to enroll in any course to learn this. Anyone can learn the strategies.

Let us get started. First, build your relationships with bloggers and other institutions relevant to your niche. If you blog about food, try to connect with food influencers, food entrepreneurs, and more. However, mind your central theme.

Then, pitch your guest posts. Remember to angle the story right. Some blogs and websites will require fees before they can publish your story, so be sure to take note of these sites. Search engine optimization and the right keyword research is the path to take.

5. Consider Signing Up In Google AdSense

Not every blogger will adhere to this trick. Google AdSense can help you maximize the profits from blogging. However, it would help if you were smart about this and never bombard your website with too many advertisements. Instead, focus on utilizing targeted ads that are appealing to customers.

Consider Signing Up In Google AdSense

Sign up for your Google AdSense account to make this happen. Fill out the information, and after Google AdSense reviews your application, you will be registered. It is easy to sign up for your Google AdSense account.

You can also enlist the specialists here at Turbo Cloud Hosting if you need help and assistance to set up the account. Try repositioning your present advertisements for better outcomes should you see higher bounce rates on your blog’s dashboard.

6. Draft The Monetization Timeline For The Blog

Every successful project is based on a carefully drafted timeline. Your blog’s timeline includes when you should publicize the ads, when you should begin your affiliate marketing, and more. Creating the perfect timeline will let you maximize the revenue pouring into your blog.

What is a good example of a timeline for your blog? You can divide the timeline into four various areas of focus. Your Day 1 to Day 90 may include high-end consulting toward your 1,000 monthly visitors to the site.

Then, your Day 90 to Day 180 can focus on affiliate marketing, gaining you 1,000 to 2,500 site visitors in your blog monthly. On the 180th to the 365th Days, include in the timeline the uploading of your online course. This will let you garner over 5,000 monthly visitors to the website.

Day 365 and beyond in your timeline can include course memberships, gaining you over 10,000 monthly visitors to the website. There are other patterns on how your blog timeline can be. Doing your homework and conducting the research is crucial.

7. Offer Products Or Services For Sale To Monetize

Readership and viewers in your blog can only work so much. Why don’t you offer products and services that people can purchase? This is the tip we will discuss now.

Advertisements are sources of income for bloggers, and while it could be true, some bloggers say that they also earn money by offering products and services.

Offer Products Or Services For Sale To Monetize

More so, if you have a steady readership or blog viewers who are loyal to reading up on your blog, it will be very beneficial to get started selling products and services. You will get to know more about these pertinent blog tools in just a bit. Among the products you can sell are training courses, books, webinars, coaching services, video courses, consulting services, and so much more.

Find out how you want to offer your product. As we will recommend here at Turbo Cloud Hosting, the best platforms are Shopify, WooCommerce plug-ins on WordPress, Etsy, or Amazon. Such is ideal for digital products.

For those selling physical products, it is important to set up a very comprehensive eCommerce platform. Lastly, let your viewers or audience know about the products or services you sell with email blasts. Ever heard about the concept of lead magnets? They include pre-recorded webinars, whitepapers, email list building, PDFs, and more.

Now that you have learned the top tips on monetizing with your blog, you will learn what should be in your blog. Follow this carefully because these tools will take your websites to a whole new level. Read on.

Blogging To Make Money: Your Ultimate Checklist

What are the necessary tools you must have in your blog so you can monetize it?

1. Advertisements

Advertisements you see on television, hear on the radio, or watch on YouTube are roughly similar to how they work in blogs. Yet, it takes hard work for the blogger since advertisers require the blog to get roughly a million visitors every year, so they will agree to advertise on the website. 

Getting a lot of page views will attract proposals from advertisers worldwide.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Passive income for your blogs? This is achievable via affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? It pertains to recommending services, physical products, and other firms’ digital products in exchange for earning commissions.

Affiliate Marketing

A six-figure income in dollars awaits those who are successful with affiliate marketing. With several people willing to share about your products or services, the opportunities to earn from affiliate marketing are abundant.

3. Online Courses

Many bloggers nowadays venture into online courses, teaching their readers various lessons, from digital marketing to their passions. The income potential? Around a million dollars per year.

There are successful blogs around that are monetizing via online courses. If you own a fashion blog, you can organize design workshops. Such online courses and workshops will bring in one-time income, depending on your business model. If you have subscription-based websites, there will be recurring payments.

4. eBooks

Electronic materials or eBooks are swiftly becoming big and popular nowadays. Some bloggers can sell millions of copies of their eBooks in the United States alone.

Books that are of the self-published type are making their way to popularity as well. Bloggers like James Altucher in his Choose Yourself website have now sold more than 500,000 eBook copies.

 5. Memberships

Selling memberships is a business model that is considered to be lucrative and innovative. It is different from the classic models because the membership-based business model gets the business closer to the customers.

Can membership selling gain your blog with profits? Yes, it can. It can be community discussions or membership that gains members access to your products.

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