What is a blog

What is a Blog & Blogger? Blogging Definition and Example

To answer the question ‘what is a blog?’, it is important to look at the fundamental content that blogs cover, and how we use them in everyday life. The word blog has it’s roots in the word weblog, and as such can be taken to mean a ‘log’ or an account of something.


What is a Blog?

When thinking about a blog, we can look at it is an informational piece of content displayed on a website, or in some cases an online journal devoted to a specific subject. The ‘logging’ of information then appears as a display, with the newest entries nearest the top of the page, and descending entries appearing in chronological order going back in time.

The blogging platforms gives writers an opportunity to share content on a specific subject, and in some cases create a community of contributors with opinions and thoughts on the subject. In the digital age, blogging has taken off, and understanding what is a blog and what it can do, can be a big advantage in many ways. Without further ado, let us put together blogging definition and example here in a detailed manner.

How Blogs Work for Business?

So how does blogging work for business? Engaging with a potential client base is one of the most important ways for businesses to get a better understanding of the things they are doing right, and the things they are doing wrong. It is a gauge of satisfaction that gives tangible evidence about performance and can help mold the future direction of the business to drive profits.

Exposure is only the starting point. Sharing information, ensuring customers are up to date, and advertising new products are other benefits of the blog, that also create the brand image of a business that is constantly evolving, adapting, and coming into greater focus in the wider world. It gives the impression to customers that a business is contemporary and ready to embrace any changes that come their way.


What is a Blogger?

So what is a blogger? It’s an important question to understand how to know who should be running your blog, who might be able to supervise output, and whether this is a challenge you’d like to take on yourself. For many, a career is established from blogging, a reputation is forged, and the path to success seems inevitable. So what makes these bloggers stand out from the crowd around all the others?

One of the requisite skills of a blogger is authenticity, particularly in the face of an increasingly diverse competitive landscape online. So much of blogging relies on the niche, the different, the extraordinary or just something that can be appreciate by far flung communities, gathering around a common interest.

Bloggers share their life, their views, the things they do and how they do them, and write in an engaging way so as to captivate an audience, who will want to be a part of the unfolding narrative.

What is a Blogger

It is an exciting career path that can be done from anywhere in the world. The internet is the workplace and this kind of freedom is becoming increasingly sought after in the globalized world we live in.


What is Blogging?

We’ve gone some way to covering our today’s topic of blogging definition and example. So how do we understand blogging, what it is made up of and how to do it in a way that pays dividends along the way. Looking to the past and the development of blogging can give important indications about this important market for bringing our business to life.

Developing very much alongside the internet, blogging initially began as a primarily political pursuit, allowing bloggers a voice in sharing their views, as well as the ability to develop a community around their voice that would become self-sustaining and support the bloggers visions.

The Rise of Blogging

It is not hard to see why blogging has touched such a nerve and become such an important way for people to communicate.

We’ve considered ‘what is a blog’ and ‘what is blogging’, but when they began, they were contrary to their current status and the way they are now considered. Often utilized by  ‘establishment’ organizations such as mainstream new, they were a research tool as much as anything, getting the word of the people on the street. This informative angle for blogging was it’s primary use.

Moving forward, it has now become the norm for blogging to reflect less mainstream views, and embrace the opportunity for anyone to engage with the opinions and voices of others. In this sense, it is more inclusive, diverse, and able to bring people together on subjects that may not be talking points in more mainstream media.

History of Blogging


How to Do Blogging?

Another important form of blogging came with the popular how-to manuals, which to this day are one of the most commonly accessed form of blogs.

Blogging Definition and Example

Much of what is great about the internet is in it’s ability to teach and inform, and as such people are always hungry to learn new skills, gain new insights, and generally feel more accomplished and prepared for the world.

In this sense, and with some other key distinctions, it quickly became clear that blogging is different from journalism, which it was initially grouped in with. Instead, blogs cover a variety of topics and can be personal or impersonal, ranging in tone and inflection, while supporting often niche and underserved communities.

So when we ask the question of how to do blogging, we are really speaking to the blogger, and what skillsets they have acquired in order to form these communities and serve the readers of their blog. Running a blog can be a complex task, involving not only writing engaging posts, but also developing a sense of linking and sharing, while ensuring accessibility to all posts.

Benefits of Blogging

There are a number of strong benefits derived from blogging, and making the most of them can take your business to the next level. Whether enervating your next project or increasing brand awareness, purposeful, effective blogging can enhance rankings based on Google SERPs, which translates to a greater online presence and accessibility for potential clients.

Whether maintaining the presence built through years of hard work and service, or gaining a foothold in the market that has been newly entered, blogging has an important place in the modern world. Consumers are increasingly reliant on the online search to find products they want to buy, and by creating and servicing an effective blog, these needs can be met.

Benefits of Blogging

Traffic drives sales. This is one of the fundamental aspects of business and is reliant on effective positioning to meet the most traffic. Positioning is no longer a physical concern as much as it is an aspect of online visibility, and remaining open to the most traffic enhances business performance and brings your potential customers to you.

Blog posts thrive on frequency and quality, generating leads and retaining built up traffic once it has been established. Calling your clients to action converts those leads into business. But why should people listen to what you have to say? This is where your valuable expertise comes in handy.

Converting knowledge and passion into traffic is important to ensure you are reaching your potential and making the most of your business. Credibility is founded on engagement, authentic knowledge, and a passion for delivering the best service to your customer base. You have a niche voice and making the most of it’s distinction garners a sense of trust in your audience.

Why is Blogging so Popular?

The decision to become a blogger is life changing for many individuals, and it can take a lot of work. Assuming the individual is ready to put in the hours and work at their craft, there is no reason they cannot create a career out of blogging and be ready to take their work with them wherever they go.

As humans we are innate storytellers, it is the way we connect with others and receive feedback from the world around us. We make sense of things and form our own unique voice when we tell our story.  It is fundamental and beautiful when we receive stories from others. Blogging has offered individuals the opportunity to make the most of their stories, and find others who may benefit from hearing them.

The subject matter for blogs is limitless, spanning literally anything you can think of, and the audience is only growing as more and more people become accustomed to working and interacting through the internet. Channeling your passion into something profitable, or putting important emotion and engagement out into the world, can be one of the most rewarding things any of us will ever do. Blogging is a gateway to this important expression.

Hope our today’s post on blogging definition and example helped you to have a better insight on how blogging works and you can create a blog yourself in a very short time.

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