Blog vs Website: How Does it Differ?

Blog vs Website: How Does it Differ?

With the advancement in technology, most people look up online for information. So many things can be done online and one of these is purchasing things.

Buying online helps consumers decide smarter. This consumer behavior is important in any business website. You have to create a professional website design and that will help users navigate with ease. To increase your audience on your website, blogging is very important. Blogging is a great way to build credibility, start a conversation, and especially, drive traffic which increases the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website.

If you’re wondering how blogging differs from a website or vice versa, then this article is for you. Before we discuss the difference, let’s define what is a blog and a website.

What is a blog?

Blogging is a journal found on a website. It is another way of showing off your creativity for a variety of reasons. You can add to your content text, videos, animated GIFs, pictures, and other documents. A blog can be set to private or public depending on how you see it. You can share information with an exclusive group to a specific audience. Your blog content can appear as posts or pages.

What really is a blog? If we take a look at history, the earliest true blogs appeared in 1994 or 1995 as public diaries where people shared about their lives. 1996 and 1997, are the years when the media started taking notice of the content. In 1999, the term ‘weblog or weblog’ was then used. Eventually, the term was then pronounced as ‘we blog’.

Blogging can make someone’s day. As you can, some of the biggest sites in the world are blogs! What are you waiting for? Start your blog! Below are the best examples of blogging. So, keep on reading, my friend!

What is a website?

What is a website?

Let’s talk about what a website is. A website is the location of interlinked pages which share a single domain name and is publicly accessible. It is also the most important aspect of the internet.

When you open a website, the first thing you see is the ‘homepage’ or some may call it ‘index page or start page’. As you navigate through the homepage, you will be directed to the subpages of the website. Also, every page on your website is a single HTML document and is connected through hyperlinks. Furthermore, you can categorize your website depending on the level of a domain such as .edu for education, .gov for government, .org for a non-profit organization, .com for commercial websites, and .info for information sites.

Historically, the first-ever website was built in 1990. The website is created by Tim Berners-Lee who is a British physicist at CERN. In 1993, CERN announced that the World Wide Web can be used for free.

You can create your website in different varieties depending on your focus such as forums, social media, e-commerce, porn, educational, and the list goes on.

Blog vs Website- How does it differ from the other?

It’s not only you that gets confused whether you’re looking at a blog or a website. You are not alone on this!

If you’re wondering what is the difference between a blog and a website, the answer is that there’s not much difference at all. The blog is a type of website on its own, or you can make it part of the larger site.

One of the differences is that content in a blog is frequently updated. On the other hand, a website has organized pages and is tricky to update. Another difference is the content. A website has interlinked pages and is sorted into different categories which are also based on the content. So, you can see the slight difference between a blog and a website.

Blog vs Website – which is better?

Blog vs Website - which is better?

Blogging has become popular as a social outlet. Depending on what you are passionate about or what your focus is for a topic and content it attracts a certain audience. Give it a try and make your blog.

However, if your goal is to set up a business that sells products and services then you create a website. Because if you want your customers to find your business and be able to browse or look at what you’re selling then creating a website would be the best way. Go ahead and build your blog and website.

Blog vs Website- do you need both?

If you want to start your blog or build your website, but having a hard time deciding? Why not make both!

Blog in a website generates more visitors to your site and thus boosts your SEO or Search Engine Optimization. You can educate your audience or customers more about your products and services. You can also connect your audience to your brand. Not only that, you can cater to more people asking about your business. Furthermore, blogs on your website increase your scope online.

If you’re ever wondering, there’s a lot of websites with great blogs!

Blog vs Website- can you use both to generate income?

The answer to the question of can use blogging and websites to generate income, it’s a YES!

If you want to make an e-commerce website and want more people visiting your site frequently, then blogging is the best way to make it happen.

If you want to earn money on your blog, you can start with blog monetization by affiliate marketing, selling direct ads, displaying Google AdSense, publishing paid reviews and sponsored blog posts, and so on.

How to start Blogging?

If you want to start blogging, focus on what you are passionate about or what topic you would want to be in your blog. Are you passionate about health and fitness? You can write about the best exercise and diet you can recommend. Are you passionate about climate change? You can tackle the best practice to reduce the effects of climate change. The list of topics goes on and all you have to do is focus on what you want in your blog. You can start making your blog now.

How to Build a Website?

How to Build a Website?

A website is a unique and perfect platform for your project or business. You can connect with the world and have tons of possibilities available.

To create your website, you have to choose what you want to create and think about how to attract people to it. You can create a website for your restaurant or cafe, for your wedding, for your art, for your business, etc. There are tons of categories to choose from for your website. Whether you want to share your passion, increase your income, or meet people, it all up to you.

Examples of Website

Here are some of the best examples of homepage designs.

Virgin America is an award-winning website for Most Significant Industry Evolution in 2014’s UX Awards. It is an airline website best for its accessibility, usability, and responsive design. That’s why it deserves to be awarded.

Feed is an award-winning website for Site of the Day in 2015’s Awwwards. Feed is an interesting concept and stunning execution. It has a creative blend of video and animation. Furthermore, it has unique usability elements on the site and gives an engaging experience to the user.

Mikiya Kobayashi is an award-winning website for Site of the Day in 2015’s Awwwards. Mikiya Kobayashi is a minimalistic Product Designer which is shown in his strong photography skills.

Woven Magazine is an award-winning site for Site of the Day in 2015’s Best Website Gallery. It is an online publication that celebrates crafters, artists, and creators alike. The website has beautiful, engaging, and easy-to-read content.

JOHO’s Bean is an award-winning website for FWA of the Day in 2015’s Favorite Website Awards. The website is recognized for its sound engineering, visual design, storytelling, and interactivity.

World of SWISS is an award-winning website for Best User Interface in 2015’s Webby Awards. It is another airline website that gives the audience a story of what it is like to fly with SWISS airlines. The website has strong visuals and animation.


As you know, a blog is a type of website and a website is an interlinked page. In blogs, you can share your thoughts and expertise on a certain topic, and you can do that on a website. If you come to think of it, both are very important. However, if you want to boost your website, adding blogs is very important as it helps increase your online reach by getting your website found, drive traffic leading to your website, and gives your business or company a reliable voice.

If you haven’t tried it or just thinking about it, it would be awesome if you start your blog and build your website! Why not give it a try. Good luck.