Mom Blogs That Make Money

12 Successful Mom Blogs that Make Money

Have you heard about mom blogs that make money? Are you planning to make money by creating a blog or wondering why your blog is not making any cents?

Being skeptical whether mom blogs can take you far in terms of financial goals is acceptable, but if you do the right steps in creating your blog and promoting it, then it is sure that you will make money from it. That is why we list mom blogs that make money so you can take some ideas to use in your blog.

List of Mom Blogs that Make Money

1.  What Mommy Does

On their 2016 income report, What Mommy Does reports an average of $7,000 income per month. That was six years ago, imagine how much more is their income now. Lena created the blog site to help stay-at-home moms like her manage family finances, plan healthy meals, and cleaning tips. Her Home Management Success Kit contains 50 worksheets and a comprehensible guide to manage your household like a pro. She offers her kit for as low as $47.

2.  Mommy On Purpose

Carly, a full-time stay-at-home mom, and full-time blogger shared her blog website’s monthly income: $5,151.57. According to her, this income report, although it was 4 years ago, is still relevant as her blog site still makes this much or more.

Carly generously shared her experiences and insights on parenting and what kind of parenting she wants to achieve. She created Mommy On Purpose to be “a mommy on purpose, not a mommy of circumstances, or a mommy just getting by.” She wanted to be there with her children but not dictated by their financial income. She shared her secrets and journey in public through her blogs.

3.  Swaddles N’ Bottles

Top Mom Blogs

“All things bump, baby, breastfeeding, and beyond” are the words that will welcome you once you visit her website homepage. You will find useful and relatable content here about pregnancy, meatal health after delivery, breastfeeding journey, and more. This mom blog is perfect for you if you are pregnant or a new mom.

Swaddles n’ bottles earn a monthly income of $10,000 through their Amazon affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts.

4.  Tiny Blue House

Foods, Kids, Holidays, DIY, and Money. This blog site covers a variety of topics in its blog posts. It is a great source of ideas for the recipe, crafts, and fun activities for the whole family. It promotes simple living that they share with others through their essential tool kit.

This mom blog was only founded in 2016 and it’s already making a six-figure profit per month through Ads, affiliate marketing, and Amazon affiliate marketing.

5.  Coffees and Coos

Alexandra created Coffees and Coos to share tips and tricks about pregnancy, labor, delivery, breastfeeding, and other things about motherhood.

The blog site makes an average of $4,000 per month with its featured courses, planner, and useful products about pregnancy, labor, delivery, mental health, and baby nursing. Their income sources are ads, Amazon affiliate marketing, service-based (virtual assistance), and affiliate products for moms.

6.  The Busy Budgeter

Who says there is no money in blogging? Definitely not Rosemarie, creator of The Busy Budgeter which makes an average of $86,000 per month!

The blog website contains effective management and organization of budget, household, and life in general. This is perfect for parents who want to increase their financial income and organize details of their lives like laundry.

You can shop printable products and planners on their website or avail of online assistance through their step-by-step course to help the family get organized and sustain controlled spending of their income.

7.  Fit Mommy in Heels

Lauren, a stay-at-home mother of 3, loves fashion and enjoys workout. This blog encourages other women and mothers out there to be the best version o themselves. Lauren shares contents about lifestyle, which products to buy, fashion, fitness, mom stuff, and home inspiration.

Fit Mommy in Heels has an average of $11,000 income per month through ads on her website, marketing affiliate, and Amazon marketing affiliate.

8.  Journey to SAHM

Best Mommy Blogs that are Successful

Samantha created this mom blog for mothers to have a better relationship and bonding time with their kids through fun activities and ideas that they can do at home or outdoors. You can find blog posts about all aspects of parenting from pregnancy to preschool-age life with kids.

This mom blog makes money that averages $1,400 per month. What’s great is that her blog was only founded in 2020. Wondering how much more she could earn in the upcoming years? Me too. Her income sources include sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and ads.

9.  The Journey of Parenthood

Emily is a wife and a mother who has a personal passion for parenting. Her content revolves around parenting, travel, and typical family life experiences.

On her website store, she offers two products, Advocare and Young Living, which both have been a big part of her life as a mother.

This mom blog makes money of $2,000 per month.

10.  Smart Mom Ideas

Elna, a stay-at-home mother has so many ideas about parenting that will be useful for other mothers’ journey on motherhood. You will see on her website contents about parenting, breastfeeding, management of money, healthy food planning, kids, and helpful content for mommies. 

Smart Mom Ideas earn an average of $1,000 per month through their income sources: Ads and Amazon affiliate marketing.

11.  Single Moms Income

Not all mothers do parenting with a partner. Some do it alone. Single Moms Income was founded in 2012 to share a single mom’s journey in an effort of breaking the never-ending cycle of working a typical job just to meet ends. This blog helps other mothers find works at home and freelance writing jobs that you can do while fulfilling your role as a stay-at-home mother.

According to the Single Moms Income income report, the blog site earns an average of $10,000 per month.

12.  Start a Mom Blog

Start a Mom Blog that Make Money

This mom blog is a perfect source for other moms who wants to start their blog and start making money. Dedicated to helping mothers on their journey in starting their dram blog, this blog site is full of guides, downloadable and printable materials, and step-by-step courses to start a money-making blog.

With their innovative offer for stay-at-home and even working moms, this mom blog earns an average of $40,000 per month. Talk about successful blogging!

Tips on Creating a Mom Blog that Makes Money

The list above proves that there is money in mommy blogging. Now that you are convinced, you are probably determined to make your mom blog and start generating money from it. As a start on your journey, here is another list to help you have concrete ideas on how to start a mom blog:


Bloggers earn in different ways. Advertising is the easiest way to make money in blogging. Although this income source will require a significant number of people to read your post before you see clear income. But through the use and smart utilization of popular social media, it is possible to gain more audience even through organic advertisement.

Affiliate Marketing

Businesses that sell products or offer services to people will need some outbound help to promote their brand. Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products through posting and advertising them on their blog website.

A lot of mom blogs that make money earn a significant income through affiliate marketing. The income that a blogger can earn from affiliate marketing depends on the agreement between them and the seller and the relationship they build with their audience. This is a good way to earn in blogging.

Sponsored Content

Mom blogs are influencers too. Companies need influencers with a broad audience to advertise their product or service. For example, more homeschooling mom bloggers create content about a curriculum or course that they use or try together with their children. Through the content produce by the blogger, more enthusiast mom blogger will purchase the product of the business.

Best Mommy Blog and Bloggers

A good negotiation between the blogger and the company will benefit both parties in the long run in a lot of ways.


Have you noticed that some mom blogger listed above offers a course or online assistance to other parents? They are an example of a mom blogger that earns money through offering online services. If you are planning to sell a product of your own on your website, integrating a quick shopping cart is a must.

Final Advice to Moms on How to Make Money through Blogging

There is indeed no easy way to earn money, especially if you are a mother who needs to look after everything your kids will need. But becoming a mom blogger is a great way to increase your family’s financial income.

There is one thing that the creator of mom blogs that make money did in common, they started it! If you don’t know where to start or how to move forward when your blog faces stagnation, we are a small business hosting provider that helps bloggers with their website and in promoting their brand. You always have an option to make the mom blogging experience easier.

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