Ever Wondered--how to become a fashion blogger?

Ever Wondered–how to become a fashion blogger?

Fashion blogging is getting hugely popular these days with the internet flooding with posts from influencers and other blog writers. Along with being a hobby and passion, most fashion bloggers start their initiatives through websites or social media platforms. In fact, these bloggers not only get to express their personal views and opinions through blogging, but they also get to earn passive incomes and other commissions from sales.

What is fashion blogging?

Blogging of any kind is a process where you write down articles or short descriptions of your day or any other topic to share with viewers on your website. It is a great way to showcase your ideas or opinions regarding facts or general issues. When it comes to fashion blogging, you explicitly talk about fashion-related concepts. Whether it be the new fashion trends or trending models, you can write about anything that you believe will interest your existing customers or followers.

When you create a blog, you don’t do it just to share information and write articles. You do it for affiliate marketing too, which is a passive income source. Passive means that you do not have to spend hours on anything but will get money according to your viewer engagement. These are income sources in which you do not get paid for the number of hours you spend on it. That being said, you can earn money even in your sleep!

Now, why should you start a fashion blog in the first place? The first reason would of course be because you want to do it. Because you are passionate about fashion. Secondly, you can think about the income you will be generating for a successful blog page. We all know it isn’t easy to get many viewers all at once but that is how everyone starts. Even the famous fashion bloggers of today had less than 10 followers someday!

What is fashion blogging?

If you’re convinced that fashion blogging is right for you, you might now wonder what exactly do you need to start fashion blogging? First of all, you need a platform to put your workings on. For this, you need a website that can be designed by various web design software. You then need a domain name for actually running your website. You can start with free blog platforms like WordPress. These platforms are very flexible so help you grow by yourself. They, however, for being free, consist of only the basic tools and so have limited features. Nonetheless, they are a great way to start! After some success, you can think of spending more on other website creators.

Most fashion bloggers start with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram instead of basking it primarily on a website. Even though it is easier to get followers and people interested in your content on social media, the problem arises if you violate any of their policies. Yes, they can instantly shut your pages down and even if you have a million followers, you cannot contact them after your page is shut. That is why it is important to have a website, a platform that you own and no one has the right to get into it.

We are not saying that you shouldn’t use these social websites to help you. Of course, it is a great idea to do so and can do affiliate marketing (which we will discuss below) so can earn income. Just have a basic site where you can connect your Instagram profile to it.

Who are fashion bloggers?

Fashion bloggers are the people who do fashion blogging. You might have heard about top fashion bloggers or influencers all over the internet. Indeed, some of them are popular and not only in magazines or newspapers but through every social media platform. Almost all bloggers working with fashion judge what is fashionable and not and so, many manufacturing companies and cloth industries find it difficult to maintain their sales. Now before you get confused between bloggers, influencers, and editors, let us summarize the differences below. Check it out:



Blogs can be filled with pictures and images about daily fashion or articles describing a new trend or cloth design. One of the most popular fashion bloggers who works mainly with photos and pictures in Tommy ton. Others like Style Bubble are more interested in typing out things rather than using excessive images. No matter how they choose to express themselves, every fashion blogger has unique styles, tastes in fashion, and personal preferences.

Bloggers own their work so they can post anything they believe is fair. No one controls their content and so sometimes things can shift and they lose followers. Some bloggers have recently shut down their pages because of low traffic and other issues but all that depends solely on their conversion rates, etc.


These fashion enthusiasts only stay within social media. That being said, they do not own any personal website as fashion bloggers do. These influencers earn income by contributing to fashion shows or saying something good about a company’s products. Now procures, depending on the type of fashion influencer they are, it is up to them to decide which things are fashionable and which companies or fashion brands they are going to ally with.

Influencers become known by their follower count so if you are an influencer and have a great number of followers on any social platform, it is likely that you will get a brand inviting you for some event. The types of followers also depend. For example, a fashion industry will be interested in influencers with followers who are young, rich, and loyal.

A fashion industry will not only ask influencers to join them in certain events but also call them up to showcase their products. You might have seen certain advertisements and sponsored posts on social media and these are how the influencers get cash. In fact, one single post can be worth up to a thousand dollars!


Some fashion bloggers and influencers start their own fashion companies and can become successful if they have great taste in fashion.


There are also a certain group of people who work specially in magazines where they are expected to convey a certain company’s views on fashion. They are paid by the magazine company and sometimes get comics from the company they are advertising. They, like influencers and bloggers, are able to write about trends and people that are connected to fashion. This is more controlled as all the content has to pass through a branch and any personal views will be filtered. Nonetheless, the income source is stable as even if they fail to generate followers on their own, they get plenty of spurt from the magazine publisher. Some freelance editors also work for multiple publishers instead of just one.

How to make money fashion blogging?

We’ve discussed why it’s a wonderful idea to start a fashion blog but how exactly does it help you generate passive income. Below, we have listed the top ways you can earn money from fashion blogging. Do note that all these depend on the number of viewers you have on your website. Check them below:

1. Affiliate Marketing:

Here, you attach links to your articles in appropriate places. These links will redirect the user clicking it to a company page that you’ve partnered with. Sometimes, in affiliate marketing, you get paid per click (Cost per click) and sometimes you get commissions in every conversion that has happened (cost per conversion). This means that if anyone makes a purchase from a website whose link you have, you get a percentage commission for that.

2. Promotional Ads:

Whenever you visit a website, you see a lot of ads popping around the corners or below your screen. These are often ads by Google or any other search engine. The website owner gets a percentage of commons for every view or every click. This is similar to affiliate marketing but is based more on images and advertisement posters rather than just a link which can be easily missed out.

3. Selling your products:

Selling your products

If you can help sell others’ products, you can advertise your products as well. This is particularly helpful if you have a business related to the topic you are writing your articles on. In this particular example, you would need a dress or design-related business to attach links to your fashion blogs.

4. Collaborations:

You can decide to have collaborations with certain fashion companies and write something about them. In return, they might pay you a certain amount for the sponsorship.

Now that you know everything about fashion blogging, all you have to do is give it a shot and see how far you can go. It isn’t always easy to get people interested in your writings no matter how good they are so you might have to pay for SEO, advertisements and promotions. Nonetheless, the main thing to remember is to never give up, follow your passions and the money will follow!

So what are you waiting for? Start fashion blogging today!