What is Bandwidth in Web Hosting and Why Do You Need Them?

What is Bandwidth in Web Hosting and Why Do You Need Them?

If you are planning to make your website, either for personal or business use, you need to know what is bandwidth in web hosting. Before you launch a website, you need to choose a web host first and know the bandwidth you will need to run it successfully.

So in this post, you will get an idea of what is bandwidth in web hosting all about.

What is bandwidth in web hosting?

In web hosting, bandwidth is the amount of data transferred from your website to the users at a given time. Typical bandwidth is measured by gigabytes (GB).

Web hosting service providers offer a variety of bandwidth plans ranging from 1 GB to 100 GB or even unlimited bandwidth. The higher the bandwidth is, the better the connectivity, network, speed, and systems.

Importance of Bandwidth in Web Hosting

If a website lacks bandwidth, it may crash or its pages may load slowly. Of course, users wouldn’t want to wait long for a simple webpage to appear. If this persists, it may reduce the traffic to the website and lose your chance for a potential customer.

Therefore, you should put the effort into putting the right amount of bandwidth for your website. Remember, a greater–or just the right amount of bandwidth–means to increase the accessibility and speed of your website. For better speed, you can consider a dedicated Linux server.

How Much Bandwidth Do You Need For Web Hosting?

Depending on the website you want to launch is the amount of bandwidth you will need. The number of pages, visitors, and the times each visitor will stay on a page are some of the factors you may consider.

For new websites, since they don’t have much content yet, they may not need a large amount of bandwidth. But for those who have established a large number of loyal visitors, and have lots of content like graphic images, videos, and downloadable materials already, they need a greater amount of bandwidth to keep up with the performance of the website.

If you want to find out how much bandwidth you will need for a website, you log in to your web host account and check the traffic reports found on the cPanel. Regardless of the web host platform you avail, all web hosts provide this specific report to help web owners understand the overall information and performance of the website.

What is Unlimited Bandwidth?

For sure while looking for the perfect website hosting platform that can provide you the bandwidth you need, you happen to read about “unlimited bandwidth.” What does it mean?

What is Unlimited Bandwidth?

Don’t take it literally since there is no such thing as unlimited storage on a server that can handle unlimited bandwidth. But why is it always mentioned? The thing is, some people are not interested to know more about the technical side of owning a website. They may not know what bandwidth is in web hosting. So web host companies decided to advertise “unlimited bandwidth” to give the idea that if you choose such a plan, you will simply have enough bandwidth needs for your website.

Just a quick reminder, though. When choosing a web host, you can choose their “unlimited bandwidth” deal after discussing with them the Central Processing unit of your website’s server can handle. Check their policies as well on what they can do if there will be a spike in traffic on the website.

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